1. jaideepv1234's Avatar
    Dear BB Frnds,

    soon my BB passport will come and as it is very special to me, I want to make it more special. so please suggest me the "Premium Leather (or without) Cover/Case and also some accessories, if any" The Passport should feel rich in my hand.

    I can search on amazon or on internet but I want you (BB enthu) people to suggest me ...it feels good... waiting for the suggestions ...
    02-25-18 11:34 AM
  2. otaku2's Avatar
    I have not used Vaja's Passport case, but I had their iPod case for many years and it is a thing of beauty. And priced accordingly. https://www.vajacases.com/products/b...r-cases-agenda
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    02-26-18 09:41 AM
  3. jaideepv1234's Avatar
    Thank You Otaku2, I will check that.
    02-26-18 11:08 AM
  4. lsbu's Avatar
    Is not cheap. I did look at this brand another day. Over £70 for the case and my passport only cost under £190.

    Posted via CB10
    02-26-18 03:39 PM
  5. dmlis's Avatar
    Stilgut and Tetded are good. Puhama - yet probably one of the most expensive.
    Suggest to check Seidio and Pdair as well.
    There were interesting hand made cases from Vietnam and Ukraine on Ebay, but I can't find them anymore.
    As for me, I use mostly Stilgut's "vertical" flip case in Cognac colour. Nice leather, good quality overall.
    02-27-18 04:47 PM
  6. Jon Wiggy's Avatar
    My Stilgut is looking a bit tatty after a year but should last as long as the phone is viable.

    BB Passport Cases Cover-img_0519-1-.jpgBB Passport Cases Cover-img_0520-1-.jpg
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    03-03-18 01:30 PM
  7. sjoreilly's Avatar
    Also Head Cases in the UK are good quality and we'll priced


    Posted via CB10
    03-05-18 08:56 AM

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