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    Is it normal to drain 1-2% of battery while not using the phone?
    For example, it drains about 10% of battery over night if I unplug it, and I feel that the rate is somewhat steep for the product which supposed to have a such a great battery life.

    Coming from note 3, after flashing custom kernels, my note hardly lose any battery while not using it. I only lose 1-2% of battery over night with wifi, bluetooth, automatic sync for 3 Google accounts running at the background all the time. With my blackberry I will still lose almost 20-30% of battery per day while I'm not using it at all.

    The first week, I really had terrible battery life with the passport. I was losing 5-6% of battery per hour on idle. So I did secure wipe, and added accounts one by one. And 4 days after that, now I am still seeing worse battery life comparing to note3.

    When everyone is complimenting about the battery life of passport, is it because u r getting better than mine? Or my average battery life is actually not bad as blackberry? I'm little confused here coming from android.

    Ps: I used to have q10 last year and I think I was having similar rate of battery drain rate on idle. About 10 % of battery while sleeping.

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    11-04-14 09:04 PM
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    It does sound like you have battery drain issues. According to your device monitor, what process is using the most power?
    11-04-14 09:42 PM
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    That's a whole work shift on 4g in an undergound parking garage. I'm pretty impressed.
    Battery life question.-img_20141104_174516.png

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    11-04-14 10:14 PM
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    Usually display when I use the phone, but pim and system take almost half and half in idle(like overnight). That's why I did secure wipe and added Google accounts one by one to sort out the pim draining the battery.

    Now it is much better than before, but I'm not satisfied with the current result though. How is yours?

    And another thing is that data speed keeps jumping between lte and 4g on tmobile network at home. (my note used to have steady lte at home) this could be the reason as well?

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    11-04-14 10:18 PM
  5. vpblaze's Avatar
    Battery life is one of those things that can never truly be compared between people. It's different for everyone.
    Everyone has different apps and setting running in the back ground.
    I think that's pretty good battery life for you. I have noticed my Passport draining 5-10 percent overnight.
    I have also come from the Note 3. I am getting a lot more use out of my Passport battery life. There doesn't seem to be as much background crop running on the Passport as there was on the Note.
    Try shutting off a few things you aren't using overnight and see if that will cut down your number a bit. If so, then you can narrow it down.

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    11-04-14 10:25 PM
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    My storie:
    Ihad same issue with battery, when i get my passport I do a restore backup but my battery barely get one day (7am to 10pm), so I make a security wipe and skip the restore and add one by one my mail accounts 3 for work, 2 personal, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and what's app, then I installed one by one my apps (it's incredible how many sh you can have on backups) , now my baterry have 64% of battery after a day of normal usage (all day email, BBM, music, wifi, some pics, . See image attached.

    So my advice is DON'T RESTORE BACKUPS

    Battery life question.-img_20141106_191422.png

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    11-06-14 07:17 PM
  7. fanisk's Avatar
    My overnight consumption is never more than 5%!

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    11-07-14 06:19 PM
  8. Adif_70's Avatar
    My Passport just gets better. But you need to watch the background apps
    Battery life question.-img_20141107_182518.png

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    11-07-14 06:26 PM

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