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    Hello all,

    I've owned a Passport for about 13 months now. Had installed a couple of leaks, switched to the official fw since the last update. However, i never got the whole 'fantastic battery life' thing, since i'd always average about 6-7 hours on heavy use. Friend of mine told me to try a clean install and let it 'sink in' for about half an hour after installing, but since i had problems backing up my contact list ( i just couldn't backup my contact list no matter what i tried, tried bb link, but it skipped a few contacts ), i decided to get rid of my pictures and videos, thought maybe that'd help ( about 3260 pics/vids ). The moment my phone storage space was empty, my battery life improved amazingly and i could get 11-12 hours with heavy use. Can anyone back this up or explain why this is possible? Could it be my internal storage memory is corrupted?

    OS :
    12-08-15 11:55 PM
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    Possibly because it doesn't have media files to scan? I really don't think storage plays a big part of battery life, but if it works for you, that's all that matters.
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    12-09-15 12:10 AM
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    What apps did you have accessing your photos, etc. Seems it was always active.

    "I don't think that word means what you think it means."
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    12-09-15 12:47 AM
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    I had a similar problem when I encrypted my SD card. Battery life plummeted. I noticed that the encryption never completed. I tried to un-encrypt it but again it never completed and battery life was dreadful.
    So I formatted the 64GB SD card and dropped all the photos (about 5,000 in 20 folders) 50+ music albums and 30 movies back onto it. After a few hours of excessive heat while the OS indexed all the files the Passport is back to 24 hours per charge and nice and cool.

    I believe that there was a file that caused the encryption and indexing to keep trying the corrupted file(?) and that caused the poor battery life.
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    12-09-15 05:37 AM
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    Did you have any apps auto syncing your media?

    Posted via CB10
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    12-09-15 06:51 AM
  6. SenorPistachio's Avatar
    Did you have any apps auto syncing your media?

    Posted via CB10
    None that i know of. I use Whatsapp heavily, both the native and the Android version. Dropbox might be the culprit? But i haven't heard of people having the same problem because of Dropbox. It's very weird is what it is.
    12-11-15 11:33 AM
  7. Sukiyaki's Avatar
    If it happens again check the device monitor to see what apps are using the highest percentage of your battery and check their individual settings so you can uncheck anything that updates while closed. There is a run when minimized setting you can uncheck for apps also.
    12-14-15 02:37 AM
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    The battery drain problem is fixed. After deleting a couple of Android apps, the problem suddenly disappeared. These were Android apps that i didn't use, but one of them was draining the battery. I forgot which ones though, WSHH, Netflix are the only ones i remember. Still getting a lousy battery life ( about 6 hours on full use ), but better than 3-4.

    Thanks for the tips.
    04-05-16 09:44 PM

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