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    I have just bought a brand new Passport. I have not yet checked, but I suspect it will be running 10.3.1 out of the box. I have seen threads which advise against updating to 10.3.3 OTA and suggest using an autoloader instead. I have two questions.

    Is there any reason not to update using BlackBerry Link?

    If going down the autoloader route, which one should I use?
    08-07-17 08:37 PM
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    Since the device is brand new and you will have no apps or data of any kind on the device, I would go ahead and go to settings/software updates and check for a new update. If there is one, do it then let the device settle for a while and then begin your email accounts, apps etc. You can always go for a clean autoloader from here: https://forums.crackberry.com/bb10-l...links-1098162/ if things don't operate properly with the OTA. There are 2 links on that site, one is a Mega link and the other is Google Drive. You can download from either link to your PC. Extract the file to give you an .exe file then plug your Passport in and click the .exe file. Takes about 15 minutes to do. Good luck!

    edit: sorry, to answer your first question, you CAN also load the OS from Link if you want to but I would do an OTA on a new device simply because it is easier. Some here on CB may say that going from 10.3.1 straight to 10.3.3 may be too large a leap but I say go for it because of the clean device you will start on.
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    08-07-17 08:53 PM
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    08-07-17 08:58 PM
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    08-07-17 09:43 PM

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