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    For the last little while - not sure when the problem started - scanners can't read barcodes on my Passport. First time I noticed it was when I tried to use the Barcode to pay for stuff on my Tummies app. It used to work but I couldn't get it to work the last couple of times I tried to use it. The scanner simply can't read the Barcode.

    Today I downloaded the Barcode for my boarding pass. I used online booking for my flight. But when I got to the airport and tried to use the online Barcode as a boarding pass, well again the scanner couldn't read the code. Given the number of people in line waiting to check in, it was a bit embarrassing.

    So I'm wondering if I am missing a setting or does anyone else have trouble with scanners reading barcodes on their BlackBerry devices?

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    02-08-16 12:15 AM
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    Hello Alan,

    I'm using Manatee Bar code Scanner (Blackberry 10 version) and works flawless


    If you want to read more about the product: https://manateeworks.com/

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    02-08-16 09:43 AM
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    Is the brightness of your screen on high? I find a lot of scanners don't read my Loyalty App barcodes unless my screen brightness is maxed out.

    What we got here is failure to communicate....
    02-08-16 10:03 PM
  4. alan510's Avatar
    Thanks for the advice guys. Much appreciated. I'll brighten up the screen and see if that works.

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    02-09-16 07:38 AM
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    It depends on what type of barcode reader you are using. There are two main types - reflection (laser) and camera. One works on reflected light, the other uses a small camera. The camera version should work fine from a screen, however reflection scanners will pick up the screen not what is being shown. The majority of scanners now days are camera types as they are cheap. Heavy duty scanners are still mainly reflection as they are more reliable and quicker. I design medical robots and we have this problem regularly.

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    02-09-16 04:30 PM

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