10-18-14 11:51 AM
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    I've been with WIND for 4 years and still a happy customer. My plan cost me $35 with unlimited everything including data, international text and US callings. I was almost tempted to switch to Telus just for the Passport but the outrageous minimum plan from Robellus is now $80 with only 500 MB of data was an easy NO. I'd rather wait when stocks are replenished and buy the passport out right.
    Yea, I've been with wind almost 2 years now...after like 10 years with telus

    came from a bold 9700 contract....like 70-75$ for 200min a month, unlim eve/wkend, free text, and like 500mb data LOL

    When I saw I could get unlimited calling (province), unlimited global text, video msg (North america I think), unlimited data...for 30$ a month....I was like SEE YOU LATER TELUS. Good timing as my 3 yr contract ended just right as BB10 was coming out....bought my Z10 at a rogers down the street outright....went over to my nearest wind store and signed up

    now I'm on the $40 plan which includes Canada wide calling and voicemail....the network is fine had no issues minor weak areas....issues in certain bulidings but other then that its great.

    anyone who is mostly in the wind zone should be switching.....if felt so good cutting the bills in half or more.....get so much more for your dollar
    10-18-14 11:27 AM
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    I have 5 lines with Rogers. I bought myself a Z30 few months ago, great device. I will not pay $60 "but everything is included sir" when I am paying $30 for my current plans. Bill this month was $220 for all lines. With me taking, am not going to, a upgraded phone hence new family plan it would be $400. Why tf would I do that? Common Canadian carriers get a grip and stop gouging. If anyone at Wind want me as their customer with my plans, come and get me now!

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    10-18-14 11:51 AM
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