1. LamarStarr's Avatar
    While I am at work I use Blend for 7 hours. I am wondering if it is BAD for the battery to leave my phone plugged in.
    10-01-14 12:51 AM
  2. otacon's Avatar
    As with all batteries, it is best practice to not let it drain all the way down. Keeping your battery plugged in at full charge is also not healthy. Wish there was some way we can control battery charging (like on my laptop, Sony controls the charging status at 80% and just tops up the battery to that level. Apparently this helps preserve the battery).
    10-01-14 12:57 AM
  3. scipizoa's Avatar
    I assumed most not so cheap devices knew how to stop charging when full and use the charger as a powerful source until unplugged?

    Kinda like a laptop where if you removed the battery it'll still work as long as its plugged in
    10-01-14 12:59 AM
  4. howards's Avatar
    Personally I wouldn't leave it plugged in for 7 hours if you're also going to charge it overnight too. You'll get different responses to this, but for me one good charging a day is not only sufficient, but a good idea so as to avoid premature battery degradation by keeping the phone constantly plugged into AC.

    Z30 / STA 100-3 /
    10-01-14 01:03 AM
  5. FlexQ's Avatar
    With li-ion batteries you charge to 100% then wait to 90 or 80% before charging again. Is it should be stored for a longer period 80% charge is adviced.

    Cheaper devices uses constant charge, the charger is never off which is degrading battery performance by a large amount.

    A normal li-ion battery has around 1000 charges, before degradation of capacity. If discharged to zero% this number is lowered with more than one.

    Charge a bit everytime you have the possibility.


    Posted via CB10
    10-01-14 01:06 AM
  6. Gearheadaddy's Avatar
    Our BlackBerry 10 phones reduce the charge as the battery becomes full so it does top off at a much lower rate as personally seen by me. I have an app called "Battery Charger" that shows the rate of charge while plugged in as shown in bright green:
    Bad to Leave Your Phone Charged?-img_20140930_232821.png

    CrackBerry Genius on Verizon Z10 on
    10-01-14 01:29 AM
  7. skstrials's Avatar
    Can someone explain to me why it is bad to leave the phone charged for 7 to 10 hours straight?

    If you look at the Device Manager when the phone is charged to 100%, you would know that the rate of charging slows down as the phone reaches its 100% charge.

    And the charger automatically stops charging once it reaches 100%.

    So my understanding was that there should not be any issue charging your phone for days straight.
    10-02-14 12:51 AM
  8. Lobwedgephil's Avatar
    I would recommend just using it. No need for the charger anymore. Charge when you go to bed, thats it.
    10-02-14 01:29 AM

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