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    I returned the Passport I bought from Telus for a refund. Turns out, I could get a cheaper price upgrading through Bell. Customer Service Rep. gave me $100 off retail for new Passport and waived part of the early HUP. CS Rep told me to go to my closest Bell store. When I got there, a guy in the store, who looked like he hadn't combed his hair, shaved or bathed in about a month told me they don't have any and aren't getting any in. He followed up with "we don't sell garbage phones like that". Needless to say, I was less than impressed and left. Called another Bell store and they had one in stock. Experience at that Bell store was good, very quick, professional, and they gave me a free Nano sim to boot. Just wanted to say some stores are good, but man, some staff are horrible. Calling BB garbage was way over the line. Wonder if BB sends "customers" to stores to see how their products are marketed and sold. The King Kong Bundy lookalike (with hair) at the store, wasn't doing BB any justice. Just my .02
    10-31-14 02:59 PM
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    My guess would be the first store you went to is a franchise store. Most of the franchise stores are garbage and the second one may have been a corporate store my experience has been that the corporate stores are much better in customer service and experience. I would guess that the employees at the franchise stores are rejects form radio shack or the like and are there for the employee discount.

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    10-31-14 03:07 PM

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