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    Was given a BlackBerry Passport as a company phone earlier in the year. Loved the power of the device. Despised the 3 row keyboard and its hulking size. So I switched to the Classic for a couple months. I much preferred the form factor of the Classic. It's was neat to have the phone, menu and undo buttons returned. At times, they helped, but BB10 wasn't dependent on them so their usefulness depends on the user. Overall, the Classic was nice, but I could really feel the lack of power and speed. Personally I prefer the form factor of the Q10 over the Classic since both have the same hardware specs.

    Now with another company person wanting to ditch their Passport for a smaller Classic, one quick switch, and I'm back on the Passport! Loving it so much more this time. I'm a power user and want the power. I'll learn to accept the form factor. The keyboard feels better the second time around. I guess this is because I know what to expect.

    Very happy to return (even happier that I was given the opportunity to return) to the Passport. Wickedly powerful device.

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    07-08-15 10:33 AM
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    Best on the planet.
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    07-08-15 10:48 AM
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    Welcome back! Simply put, the PP rocks!!!
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    07-08-15 10:58 AM

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