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    I have a box of BB's back to the 950 and stayed loyal until iPhone 5 and made the jump away. Back in with Priv and a Dtek50 then I just bought a Passport SE. Loaded up Android on it and it's way better than the other Android BlackBerry handsets I tried this with a Classic yet I don't think it had the horsepower to grind along. So far so good and I'll keep my Dtek as my travel spare. Cobalt's software made this painless and would encourage anyone that loves their Passport to give it a try if you're missing any apps.
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    10-29-16 12:36 PM
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    My history with Blackberry goes back to the beginning. But being "Loyal" to what amounts to nothing more than a somewhat more sophisticated
    toy than some, gives me the impression that perhaps "loyal" doesn't mean what you think it means.

    That aside, I've always used a blackberry simply because I have never found anything that offers me (personally) anything worthwhile, to want to make a change to.

    I admit I don't fit the general description of the majority of today's "it should just work" generation of mobile device users which I would describe
    as fanatics whose worst life crisis is not being able to play a certain game or get a must have app to run to there satisfaction on their , "check me out" cooler than cool mobile toy.

    I've always been encouraged not to follow someone else's path but to make my own trail and have others make a path behind me.

    So, what's my point? I always have a point. Sometimes, it just takes me a while to get to it.

    I purchased a Passport the day it was releast to market and have had no reason to even consider another device because, it gives me everything I want for my needs in a somewhat more sophisticated toy than some.

    And as sophisticated goes, (popular or otherwise) nothing comes close to BB10.. And there is all of nothing that can compare to the quality of the Passport device. ( just in my opinion, of course..)

    And more than every other reason BB10 failed to make the popularity charts is due to, in part, to humans general laziness and the horror caused by the unimaginable thought of actually having to read the instruction manual and learn something new in the process.

    10-30-16 02:46 AM
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    And that is why I love Blackberry 10 and hence I bought three Passports SE.

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    10-30-16 12:22 PM

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