1. Spineguy's Avatar
    Purchased passport from AT&T Corp store on 2/20. Volume rocker to increase volume never worked. Tried to reset, let it "settle" in, to no avail.
    Went back to store on March 6th to exchange. Store had none in stock. Told to go to warranty exchange store. Went on Saturday, 15 days after purchase. They had none in stock, lady at store tried to order one from AT&T to be shipped directly to me, none available I was told.
    AT&T said call Blackberry, we tried conferencing for 2 hours, with multiple parties from each company.
    Takeaway from call was that Blackberry Refused to send me a device, Refused to connect us with proper department, and Refused to give us(AT&T rep and myself) a phone # so we could contact someone
    I don't fault AT&T, they tried; but Blackberry was truly awful. The people we did speak with were rude and condescending.
    I've used Blackberry's since 2000, I've never been tempted to leave, but this has me rethinking my position
    03-08-15 11:33 AM
  2. kbz1960's Avatar
    They aren't very good in the customer support department but I've also heard stories where they were. It may depend on who you talk to but they really should just replace your phone, no questions asked like so many of the others do. It's one reason I'm thinking about another company on my next purchase as it is a bunch of hoops to jump thru to get any support from BB.
    03-08-15 11:38 AM

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