11-18-16 08:41 AM
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  1. MPdeH's Avatar
    BlackBerry Passport is hands down the best battery I ever had in a phone. I now have the DTEK50 and it's a whole different ball game

    Posted via CB10
    11-18-16 06:02 AM
  2. ankenn's Avatar
    What's the problem? As far as that graph you posted shows, battery lifetime remaining after 9.5 hours use is 74%. Looks pretty good to me. That's a day and a half. Changing screen brightness since it is a hi res screen makes a great difference.
    11-18-16 07:05 AM
  3. jbarrack's Avatar
    I got so use to how good the battery was on the Passport that after using the Dtek60 for about a week, I returned it in favor of going back to the Passport. Never had a phone battery this good.
    11-18-16 08:41 AM
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