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    Having used BlackBerrys for years, including the latest and the greatest, I've finally understood why fanbois and fandroids mocked the BlackBerry boys. I tried to understand the pov of a fandroid and fanboi colleague on why they thought BlackBerry is not worth using, and I can now understand why BlackBerry is not even an option when compared to an iPhone or an Android, and I agree with it and have moved to using the awesome iPhone§. I've put my learning in words here:

    Why being a BlackBerry user sucks. | thisusernamewastaken

    If you're too lazy to click the link, here's what I've learned:

    Iíll say it out loud: yes, using a BlackBerry sucks§.

    In the world of iPhones and Androids, using a BlackBerry sucks. Iíve been a long time BlackBerry user, right from owning the BBOS to the latest BB10 device, and while it took me a little longer to realise this and move on to a different mobile platform§, I finally did§ and I have§ understood what all the iPhone fans and Android users already knew: BlackBerrys suck. To all the hardcore BlackBerry fans out there, have the courage to read this till the end, and I am pretty sure youíd realise it as well. A BlackBerry user misses out not only on the plethora of amazing apps that have become the lifeline of mobile usage, but also the experience of knowing what it is to use the best-in-class hardware and software.

    Why being a BlackBerry user sucks:

    1. Look-and-feel: In a chronological order of events that constitute the use of a mobile device, the first event is the look and the touch-and-feel of the device, and somehow, this very first step to using a mobile phone is something BlackBerry has managed to suck at while iPhones and Androids have taken humongous strides in. When you pick up an iPhone or a Galaxy, you know you can expect a consistent design: any iPhone or a Galaxy device youíd see would be design-consistent with its previous model which would be consistent with its predecessor which in turn would be consistent with its ancestors that had followed the timeless and unchanged norm of being a rectangular device with round edges; *and, another good part about iPhones and Galaxies is that theyíve continued to innovate ó even while following the golden standards of rounded-rectangles ó by bringing in design innovations like bigger rounded rectangles in plastic and leather variants which are also available in different colors for the aesthetically-sensitive consumers as well. Compare this to Blackberryís so-called latest and greatest Ė the BlackBerry Passport, and youíll know in a glance why BlackBerry sucks: the BlackBerry Passport has a steel frame ‎built all around it. Steel frame? Thatís the stupidest thing Iíve seen§ since Christopher Nolanís Interstellar. I mean why would anyone want to have a device built so solidly that it might end up cracking the tile it falls on instead of getting a more manageable dent on itself? Who wants a steel frame over the light and plasticky feel of the Galaxies or the smooth and really flexible aluminium touch of the iPhones? What was BlackBerry thinking? I guess this is why they are shutting down for the past four years now.

    2. BlackBerry Passport doesnít stop being horrible there, it gets worse: once you have the device in your hands, the first thing you observe is the screen of the device. While iPhones have taken historic leaps in this department, going from a 4″ screen of 326 ppi to a 4.7″ screen with a 326ppi while maintaining the time-tested, consistent, albeit old, rounded-rectangle design, BlackBerry has managed to mess this up as well by coming up with a 4.5″ square screen ( of 458ppi ) that is actually bigger than the iPhone6ís 4.7″ screen ; *to add to this perplexing ridiculousness, BlackBerry somehow managed to fit three times more characters in a row than on our favorite iPhones or Androids. What were you thinking BlackBerry? Who wants to read from a wider screen that needs you to shift your gaze two times less as compared to reading from a narrow, rectangular phone? BlackBerry needs to understand this: unless people are looking to get things done, no matter how much more efficient reading on that square, weird looking device is, weíd rather stick to a little more inefficient reading on a narrow-and-long device than read better on a BlackBerry, because, no one uses a BlackBerry these days, and thatís why we wonít.

    3. Another area where BlackBerry excels at being horrible is the OS and navigation through the UI in general. When I pick up an iPhone or an Android I am assured of the same design-consistency in the UI design and OS navigation as well: itís the good old homescreen button and the app trays or app windows, with the ever-so-awesome Notification Centre dropping off the top of the screen. With an iPhone I know I have to press the home button twice, or long press, *to get to the running apps and then I could easily either swipe to reach the app I want or close the app. Compare this to the BB10 UI design and you wonít believe how BlackBerry can be so bad. On a BlackBerry 10 device, to get to the running apps you only have to swipe up. Yes, a stupid as fcuk single swipe instead of pressing the home button twice. Although a swipe does the same thing more efficiently, we want the physical home button that needs to be pressed twice, and not something as fancy and complex as a single swipe up, no matter how naturally it comes. If iPhones donít have it, we donít want it ; and while some of you may choose to call us iSheeps, we call it brand loyalty, no matter how blind it maybe. *

    4. Most of what we do on our devices is creating content. We write status updates, blogs, messages, emails throughout the day. This is where BlackBerry reaches the pinnacle of being bad at being a normal mobile device. Pick up any iPhone or an Android and you know to compose a message you simply need to open that particular messaging app, tap on compose, and then go and open the next type of messaging app and tap on compose to create another kind of message. Simple and consistent as always. Doing the same thing on BlackBerry is crazy: you either compose every type of message from one place only without getting the chance to go through the pages of apps to find one particular message app or IM you are looking for, or you can just pick up the device and start typing right away and send without needing to browse through pages of apps and without opening a single app. Again, that might be a faster and efficient way of doing the same thing, but itís not an iPhone or an Android, so we wonít use it even if itís better at doing few thing like these which comprise the majority of what we do on a phone; because, who uses a BlackBerry, you know? We donít care if it has a UI built to be more productive or efficient at least. Understand that, BlackBerry? Doesnít matter even if you do, because Iíve heard from a friend who has heard from somebody that you were shutting down for the past four years anyway.

    Beyond this, it just keeps getting sadder for BlackBerry users where apart from that really weird and wide 4.5″ screen which is stupidly bigger than our favorite iPhone6ís 4.7 Ē screen, BlackBerry users are handed a touch-sensitive physical keyboard with keys so big itís impossible to get those almost nostalgic typos which have made us laugh our hearts out on our Androids and the amazing iPhones. Not only is the BlackBerry Passportís keyboard arrogantly accurate, itís also a keyboard that doubles up as a trackpad that can be used to scroll, or to flick the suggestions up instead of getting the opportunity to keep swiping their thumbs continously for the length of the words they type, over and over again. To add to the misery, a BlackBerry user gets to run all the Android apps with *a 3450 mAh battery that lasts 30 hours, or even two days for many users, instead of the good-old, time-tested, design-consistent 12-14 hours battery life of our favorite iPhones and Galaxies that we are used to. To make it worse, only 98% of the Android apps work fine on a BlackBerry.

    With all such pain points associated with using a BlackBerry Passport , being a BlackBerry user sucks§. I wonder who uses a BlackBerry these days?

    § Ė not really.

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    12-24-14 12:33 AM
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    Keep this thread civil.
    12-24-14 12:46 AM
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    Keep this thread civil.
    If anyone takes the time to read the OP it'll stay civil (at least within the BB fans), if they don't, it will get ugly ....
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    12-24-14 12:48 AM
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    Ah, I see you realised your mistake Bla1ze! It's actually pro BlackBerry!

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    12-24-14 12:48 AM
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    This thread continues to be sarcastic as possible

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    12-24-14 12:53 AM
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    Ah, I see you realised your mistake Bla1ze! It's actually pro BlackBerry!

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    I have a low tolerance for crap and really, tl;dr. Sorry for my trigger finger.
    12-24-14 12:55 AM
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    you almost got me here haha, took me 2 paragraphs before i even started being suspicious
    12-24-14 01:01 AM
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    Same old writeup! Different people, different opinions and choices!

    Live & let live.. Peace out!!!
    12-24-14 01:05 AM
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    Okay now, I am wondering which one of these is an endangered species of human qualities: common sense or sarcasm. I think it's sarcasm.

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    12-24-14 01:08 AM
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    Gave me something to read at 2am on the toilet. Just glad I was awake enough to catch the satirical "hidden" writings.

    Posted by Rosco from my VZW Q10
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    12-24-14 01:16 AM
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    Took me into the first point to think "this reminds me of jc".

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    12-24-14 01:26 AM
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    Uh nice write-up but really too long for your target audience OP. Nobody actually reads anything in the CB forums other than what the thread's about and then maybe a sentence or two more...but I got it. Nice.

    Via my simply amazing  Q10
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    12-24-14 01:29 AM
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    Dude potential for disaster, if people skim your write up and decide to reply before noticing your pro, you gonna have a blood bath on your hands.

    Any mod around, please add (sarcasm) to title to avoid headaches.

    Passport Powered
    12-24-14 01:44 AM
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    Was a long read.

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    12-24-14 01:55 AM
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    I strongly dislike the French.

    PassportSQW100-1/ O2 UK
    12-24-14 01:59 AM
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    Uh nice write-up but really too long for your target audience OP. Nobody actually reads anything in the CB forums other than what the thread's about and then maybe a sentence or two more...but I got it. Nice.

    Via my simply amazing  Q10
    I know. Tbh, didn't write it for the BlackBerry users, but since CB is everything BB, thought it wouldn't hurt to share here.

    Thrice in last week when I was standing alone minding my own business, colleagues have come up specially to tell me that no one uses a BlackBerry, or that even BlackBerry is not happy about creating a device like Passport in the first place, or how it sucks in comparison blah blah blah. They start the discussion without being asked to, and run away when it comes down to actual hands-on comparison. Putting the irritation to words is one way of getting rid of it and answering the stupidity without needing to deal with it.

    Now, no one -- other than BlackBerry fanboys -- is interested in reading anything about BlackBerry, but everyone else is surely interested in reading all the bad stuff about it. Hence, the sarcasm.

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    Last edited by Ankit RS; 12-24-14 at 02:58 AM.
    12-24-14 02:33 AM
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    Who wants a steel frame over the light and plasticky feel of the Galaxies or the smooth and really flexible aluminium touch of the iPhones?
    I just want to include also the luxurious style of an aluminum body has. You can compare it to a coke in can. It is very well known and accepted today to use a common metal that makes up the 8% of earth's solid surface. The metal is so friendly that even making plastic takes more effort compare to mining an aluminum. It's so mainstream that even if Blackberry uses a profound metal like the ones you call "steel" still people will neglect it and go on with the crowd. That's niche market fer ya Blackberry!
    12-24-14 03:24 AM
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    It's funny to me how "fanboys" of all of the devices will knock other os's as the best or in their minds superior over another device or os.

    Why grip the status so tightly your willing to risk losing fingernails! It's rediculous to me! BlackBerry is superior because it has a qwerty key board. Ios and android devices CAN'T and never will top this iconic feature!!!

    Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android side loaded on the Passport!
    12-24-14 03:43 AM
  19. littlebuff's Avatar
    You aren't that JC guy, are you?!

    Posted from my Passport
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    12-24-14 04:06 AM
  20. duboisstephane0's Avatar

    Got lost using Kiosk when reading LaPress+....on an ipad

    Had to hit the home 3 times to get out....

    And here i was, a blackberry user, swiping trying to get out of the app

    Posted from my BlackBerry Passport on the Bell network
    12-24-14 06:20 AM
  21. trauts's Avatar
    Superb post Ankit RS! Very nicely done
    12-24-14 06:38 AM
  22. GreenCopperz's Avatar
    I feel like sometimes we're the apostles of BlackBerry setting out to educate the masses on its virtues as a great communication device.

    Our BlackBerry in device,
    hallowed be your name.
    Your Blend software come,
    your work be done,
    on desktop as on device.
    Give us today our timely notifications.
    Forgive us our competition,
    as we forgive those who complain against us.
    Let us not exit by 2 clicks,
    but deliver us from iPhone.
    For the BlackBerry,
    the power and the glory are yours.
    Now and for ever.

    12-24-14 06:57 AM
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    What special character does § mean?

    (I had to ask)
    12-24-14 07:36 AM
  24. cbdwolff7's Avatar
    It really sucks reading a Blackberry post, all the accurate remarks and ingenuity in the post. Not the half a**ed brilliant comments of a samsung or ios poster. What a great read, only the BB troopers will take on the task of reading the
    whole post. Thanks
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    12-24-14 08:32 AM
  25. Ankit RS's Avatar
    What special character does § mean?

    (I had to ask)
    It's a placeholder like one of those asterisk in the conditions applied statement. The end of blog specifies § means 'not'. What it means is wherever you find that symbol in the writeup, you are supposed to read it as NOT.

    Posted via CB10
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    12-24-14 08:40 AM
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