05-07-15 09:17 AM
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  1. SeeBeeEss's Avatar
    Tried a couple of screen protectors years ago and didn't get it. No screen protector here!
    04-12-15 09:13 AM
  2. RLTurn77's Avatar
    For those saying a screen protector hides the look, I completely disagree. The matte protector adds to the look of the device IMO. Maybe I just have really oily fingers, but the matte protectors really take away all fingerprints + glare.

    I actually have a friend at work with a Note 3 who was going on and on about the screen on my BlackBerry. Our phones were side by side and she had no idea I had a protector on. Even with the screen on she commented on the screen being better than her Note. Not sure about that as the matte must dull the screen to some degree.

    Another example would be my mom who has been waiting for the AT&T Passport. She will not use a phone without a mirror screen protector. Hoping the one I purchased works out or I'll try another brand (found 2) or just cut a mirror ipad protector.

    So, while I like my devices naked... a matte screen protector is a must for me and just enhances the appearance through no glare and lack of oily swipe marks lol. Also doesn't hurt that there are never any micro-marring or scratches on my screens (besides the couple Z30s that I shattered... still waiting for that pre-Leap Z30 sale to get a new white Z30 lol).

    I am a bit anal though with micro-marring. When I had my black car delivered I told the dealer I would not be purchasing it if they removed the transport wrap or washed it and that I'd do it myself.

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    04-12-15 04:02 PM
  3. medic22003's Avatar
    I have a tempered glass one for my z30 that I bought from amazon. Been on for a few months now and I like it.

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    04-12-15 04:36 PM
  4. lovedaazn's Avatar
    When futureshop was still in business, I went there and got their product called ClearPlex. I would imagine that BestBuy would have the same product. They make a custom cut out depending on what phone you have and they put it on for you. You also get a one year warranty of replacements. These are the best none glass protectors I've ever used.
    04-12-15 04:44 PM
  5. RoseBud68's Avatar
    I use the anti-glare screen protector which works great. Doesn't pick up finger prints either which is nice

     = ♥
    That is the reason for using a screen protector for me.
    04-12-15 04:55 PM
  6. blazinfashion's Avatar
    I have been debating on whether or not to keep my screen protector on my Passport for weeks now. I love the smoothness of the bare screen and have the Seidio spring clip holster because I don't case it, but was still weary. I took the plunge and took the protector off. Oooooh. I'm not regrettably it. Naked all the way. The way it's intended to be.

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    04-12-15 05:33 PM
  7. quangtran1's Avatar
    Liquid Armor = screen protection without any sticky, yucky protector. Going naked, but with protection.
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    04-12-15 05:34 PM
  8. OfficerRandall's Avatar
    I've noticed the carbon skin for the black passport sticks really well, not so much on the red. I know the backing is different material, but corners and such seem to peel easier on the red. Both were professionally installed by their employees.
    04-12-15 06:11 PM
  9. nbaliga's Avatar
    If you go with a bumper case or sleeve, you'll get pretty good protection for your device. The only time your screen would be at higher risk is if you pocket or purse it with other items.

    I have tried protectors on various devices and almost always remove it within a few weeks.

    I have gone naked on my last 3 devices and have found that I tend to take better care of the device because of that.

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    04-12-15 06:21 PM
  10. fanisk's Avatar
    Never used a screen protector in any of my phones!

    Sent from my BlackBerry Passport
    04-12-15 08:53 PM
  11. GLAT's Avatar
    I'm naked before this I had a galaxy s3 naked for over two years... not one scratch and no cover.

    All phone companies talk up durability of displays so might as well leave it uncovered

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    04-12-15 09:27 PM
  12. NtotheK's Avatar
    The passport uses Corning gorilla glass 3.

    Why would you want to put a condom over the screen? Don't be a wuss and go naked.

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    I felt the same way until mine started to scratch so I got a full ghost armour in black carbon. My Zed30 however has been naked for almost a year with not a single scratch. Weird.

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    04-12-15 10:17 PM
  13. bb8900edit's Avatar
    I had a matte screen protector and took it off. The Passport Screen looks so good

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    04-13-15 12:10 AM
  14. BigAl_BB9900's Avatar
    I don't use screen protectors or armour any more - the last one I got was I think for an 88xx (can't remember the make of the armour/protector) and it made the phone more difficult to use (especially in sweltering heat/humidity) so I ditched the armour/protector and haven't looked back....

    Every BlackBerry I have ever had has been very robustly built, and I'm not fussed about the odd scratch on the casing, so I haven't bothered to get another armour/protector for myself - though have advised some clients to get some (they were paranoid about scratching their phones, and were new to BlackBerry, and didn't realise how tough BlackBerry screens are).

    I HAVE purchased many different varieties of screen protector for the PlayBook and the OtterBox was one of the two best ones we tried out (it wasn't cheap in the UK though) - can't remember the make/model of the other one that was good.

    Have also purchased many different varieties of screen protector for the iPad and iPad-Mini as we were testing them out for using the iPads in a hospital environment. In terms of priorities, Infection Control was the highest, and for this the IPAD MINI DRI CAT ? Black | EK Ekcessories came top.

    Note: as an example of how tough BlackBerry phones traditionally are, a friend wanted to swap her carrier as she got no signal in her flat.... the only way to swap her carrier was to move to iPhone as they were only on one (other) carrier.... she could only do the swap if her BlackBerry was damaged.... she tried almost everything and couldn't break her 9xxx.... in the end, she had to jump up and down on the 9xxx in a stiletto heel to break the glass (and she's not skinny, she weighs more than me!). She was very happy with her new iPhone, and exceptionally happy to be able to get a mobile phone connection in her flat..... BUT after countless iPhone screen replacements, she still recommends BlackBerrys above all else for being super rugged!
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    04-13-15 03:01 AM
  15. will308's Avatar
    I use the one that came with the hard shell ,have had no problems with it still on after several months
    04-13-15 03:03 AM
  16. praditya putra's Avatar
    I used to use screen protector for my z10, but since I changed to passport no need for screen protector. And I feel like without screen protector, the olephobic coating on passport screen just works wonderfully cleaning grease or smears by itself.

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    04-13-15 04:17 AM
  17. Sayumi Whisp's Avatar
    Never use any cases or other protectors on my Phone... don't know why but never had problems with scratches....

    モーニング娘。15 ... my BlackBerryZ : Storm9500, Torch9860, Bold9900, Z10, Passport
    04-13-15 05:25 AM
  18. dbq10's Avatar
    I never got around to putting a protector on the Q10. I always keep it in a leather pouch, and the screen cleans up nicely with a microfiber cloth.
    04-13-15 02:45 PM
  19. anon9133023's Avatar

    A couple of days ago I was sitting at the pool at a hotel I was staying at and it was pretty hot but I covered my Passport so it won't be in the sun but then I noticed the whole ghost armor screen protector peeled off from the heat.

    I am so disappointed from all the screen savers I had until now for my passport. I had so much better ones for my Iphone.

    Is there any good recommendation for one? I am willing to try for the last time.
    I am starting to consider to just go without a screen protector. Anyone here going without one? How is it? Did the screen get scratched?


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    I've never used protection. Barescreen is the only way.
    04-13-15 05:06 PM
  20. Deadmunny's Avatar
    I have a z10 and for the last 2 years have used tech armors matte anti fingerprint screen protector

    Used one out of the pack and that's it, the anti fingerprint is the Main reason as I use a seido case holster so have no problems....but the constant screen cleaning was driving me nuts

    Via Digicel
    04-13-15 07:03 PM
  21. prplhze2000's Avatar
    I got the one sold by AT&T and it seems ok so far.

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    04-13-15 07:46 PM
  22. magnetman-'s Avatar
    I believe that the screen protector sold by AT&T is from Zagg. Some of the Zagg booths have the cutter so they can cut the screen protector for the same price as prepackaged. I've been using a Zagg cut at the booth screen protector for 5 months. It works well. If you check the Zagg web page it's the middle one. Feels and looks like glass but is a film.

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    04-13-15 07:59 PM
  23. prplhze2000's Avatar
    Yup, that's it. It feels pretty good. I learned my lesson after I busted my torch screen twice

    Posted via CB10
    04-13-15 08:37 PM
  24. conbrio29's Avatar
    The official screen protector made by BlackBerry is pretty good. Feels like glass, but is also just a clear film.

    Posted via the Z30 on CB10
    04-13-15 09:27 PM
  25. ppoojavermaa's Avatar
    I hate screen protectors. I never used screen guards on my any phone
    04-13-15 09:42 PM
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