12-11-15 09:13 AM
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  1. jojo beaconsfield's Avatar
    Anyone tired of their Passport yet?-img_20150105_213132.jpg

    Posted via CB10
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    01-05-15 08:40 PM
  2. deadcowboy's Avatar
    Are you running a leaked os?

    Posted via CB10
    No. Latest official OS from BlackBerry. I've had a lot of issues that tend to crop up about a month into use.

    Posted via CB10
    01-05-15 08:42 PM
  3. jojo beaconsfield's Avatar
    I can't wait to get Blend On the Z10 , then it should be much more interesting!!
    01-05-15 08:50 PM
  4. Arabianhorse's Avatar

    SQW-100-1 & Z30 Apps
    01-05-15 09:04 PM
  5. tp2386's Avatar
    I'm not tired of my passport but I am over the honeymoon phase.

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    01-05-15 09:18 PM
  6. stevepar's Avatar
    Sad title, or perhaps a sadder reflection on today's society, how in the world can anyone be tired of something that's only been out two months!! #seriously #firstworldproblems
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    01-06-15 01:08 AM
  7. will308's Avatar
    hell no ,used my wifes z30 the other day and have to say no its ok ill stick with my passport ............nothing wrong with z30 (I had one)
    01-06-15 01:13 AM
  8. billybobsa's Avatar
    I have a Z30 and Passport. Really like both but the virtual keyboard on Z30 is definitely easier to use than the Passport physical keyboard. In key swiping on Passport requires lifting your fingers and moving up to the second virtual line. I'm tired of that!

    Posted via CB10 from any of PlayBook, Z30 on 1154, Passport on 19##, Z10 on 1154
    01-06-15 01:31 AM
  9. nbaliga's Avatar
    I reactivated one of my second devices - a Lumia 1520 and spent some time on it today. I enjoyed the large screen and the Bing apps for news finance and some games that I don't get on the Passport.

    However, when I went back to the Passport to handle my work mail and calendar, I was soooo instantly reminded of how premium and nice this device is, how smooth it is to get things done and transition between tasks etc, and the physical keyboard is so much better although the Lumia virtual keyboard is pretty comfy for a virtual one!

    Compared to a Lumia 1520 the Passport felt just right and way more comfortable to handle.

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    01-06-15 01:35 AM
  10. SunshineStateFlyer's Avatar
    As for a phablet size phone, I wouldn't choose anything else at the moment. The passport is just a brilliantly engineered phone and I love the look of that device, especially with the white one.

    The only reason I would ditch the Passport is for a more compact phone, like the classic. But I think there would be too many trade offs for that.

    Posted via CB10
    01-06-15 01:36 AM
  11. Amirberry's Avatar
    Once you go wide you never fight
    01-06-15 01:43 AM
  12. thymaster's Avatar
    Nope not at all especially with all the commotion of the Phone. I still get tons of attention compared to the mass market iPhone 6. It's a good conversation starter during those awkward silent moment.

    Also I'm still the only person that I know that owns the Passport because I haven't seen another in the wild. The rarer it is the more I feel exclusive.

    The other thing is the heavy gesture of BB10 makes me not want to ever own an Android phone again.
    01-06-15 01:58 AM
  13. Publisher1963's Avatar
    @BB_Phoenix: could you list your five advantages that the PP has over the Z30, please?

    Posted via CB10... on my Z30 10.2.1 waiting for 10.3.x
    01-06-15 02:32 AM
  14. jhanks64's Avatar
    I've got a Z30 (Verizon) on my left hip as my primary phone and a Passport on my right hip as a secondary running leaked 10.3.1 on Consumer Cellular.
    I usually reach for the Passport for emails and apps and have to use my Z30 for BBM, Text, Phone and things like that.

    If VZW would offer the Passport, I'd be buying it immediately and using only it.
    01-06-15 03:20 AM
  15. marzfreerider's Avatar
    Not even close.
    01-06-15 04:43 AM
  16. czechberry's Avatar
    I bought Passport 3 months ago and every day I get more and more excited
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    01-06-15 06:04 AM
  17. jdesignz's Avatar
    Yeah tired of my black Passport...

    It's time for a RED!

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    01-06-15 06:11 AM
  18. NaijaBerry's Avatar
    No Way!! I just like the way people are so bewildered by the phone, it doesn't fit in with what people consider normal, perfect! Why be normal? Aside from my general non-conformist anti-bandwagon nature, this phone is really rock solid! Solid performance! Like a laptop in your hand, how do you get tired of that?
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    01-06-15 07:24 AM
  19. jonathan_hall's Avatar
    Not tired of the device. But I am a little tired with the bugs. Especially as like many I purchased retail.

    Posted via CB10
    01-06-15 07:28 AM
  20. dmateo's Avatar
    Sad title, or perhaps a sadder reflection on today's society, how in the world can anyone be tired of something that's only been out two months!! #seriously #firstworldproblems
    Simple... there's a ton of other phones on the market that make for a competitive environment amongst smartphones. Like I said I just wanted constructive feedback so chill out!

    Posted via CB10
    01-06-15 07:40 AM
  21. cvdburgh's Avatar
    I miss my z30 because of amoled and wide screen,but that all. Great feeling to type again on a real keypad,that makes me to forget the two things mentioned above.

    Aquila non captat muscas
    Exactly the same for me. And the widescreen I could do without, but I would love to be able to use this Passport as an alarm clock with a S-amoled screen.

    Posted via CB10
    01-06-15 08:50 AM
  22. fanisk's Avatar
    I am not missing at all my Z30!!

    Sent from my BlackBerry Passport
    01-06-15 01:03 PM
  23. 93Aero's Avatar
    Yes I get tired of having to put in down and go to sleep every night.

    PassportSQW100-1/, Q10SQN100-5/ Posted via CB10
    01-06-15 01:15 PM
  24. wabid094's Avatar
    I can't imagine not having my Passport or using any other device but the Passport.
    01-06-15 03:11 PM
  25. anon(679606)'s Avatar
    I am a keyboard phone junkie, & as such bought the passport after the HP Pre 3 has become crippled by HP pulling the plug on the web support for it ...I miss the Pre 3 for it's uniformity of operation & better swipe functionality ...it lacked MANY apps I need which were not addressed during its short life... the passport overcomes that via sideload of android apps which works fine for the most part. I do wish it supported running those apps from the SD card to avoid jamming up the device memory. The wifi issues may be addressed by the promised update to 10.3.1 ...flash will disappear ( I am flummoxed by this inasmuch as bb would allow flash needs to be put over to 3rd party browsers rather than offering sideload of the original browser to coexist with the newer html5 version to keep it in the bb fold)... for usa users, bb appears to have little customer orientation & their cards-up approach to everything & usurious costs for accessories plus little concern over distressing performance by digitalriver are a disappointment. Summary: I really like the passport, not so sure about blackberry as a company...
    01-06-15 03:28 PM
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