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    I currently use my Q10 for work on BES and am getting ready to give my Passport PIN to the IT watchdogs so that they can issue me a new BES activation password. Since a new BES activation requires a mandatory security wipe on BB10 (at least that's my understanding, happy to be proven wrong), I'd like to get some feedback from anyone in the CB community who may have already gotten their Passport on BES for their feedback before taking the plunge.

    Any issues? Was it a seamless transition from a user experience standpoint? Did you go from a Q10 to a Passport? Your input would be most appreciated!

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    12-05-14 09:18 PM
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    Figure I would close the loop on this in the event anyone stumbles on to this lonely thread!

    Been on BES on my Passport for the last four days and it's working like a dream! I absolute love using this phone for work... it is an absolute beast! As long term lover of BlackBerrys, I will be getting the Classic but will hard pressed to knock the new king off as my daily driver.

    Btw, I got the white Passport and the reactions I've gotten from folks who see it has been unreal. It is so visually striking that when I pull it out in the myriad of x-mas parties that dominate my schedule this time of year, the first reaction I get is always "Whoa! What the hell is THAT???". I love it!

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    12-15-14 07:50 AM

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