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    My 3-week old SE has a really wiggly "p" key. I can tilt it left to right and it makes a clicking noise but doesn't actually press. It's fully functional but fully annoying. Should I exchange? Still within amazon 30 day window.

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    Well, update, got the replacement. The screen has a yellowish cast to it compared to my original and the rear sim/sd cover doesn't sit flush with the top or back of the device!!!!!!! Pretty disappointed in BB build quality. A premium device like this should be perfect.
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    10-01-15 08:37 AM
  2. kthhrrsn's Avatar
    No wiggly keys for me.

    Yes, exchange it now before it falls off. It'll definitely come off at some point and you'll be pissed that you missed the opportunity to get it corrected for free.

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    10-01-15 08:39 AM
  3. zombiecupcake's Avatar
    Have had a wiggly D key for the last few months but doesn't seem to be coming any more loose than that. Doesn't really bother me anymore since it's still fully functional

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    10-01-15 10:09 AM
  4. Paul Collins4's Avatar
    I've got a wiggley enter key with a bit light bleed from the key. Doesn't bother me tbh

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    10-01-15 10:20 AM
  5. kjjb0204's Avatar
    Replacement on the way from Amazon. I love Amazon!

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    10-01-15 10:48 AM
  6. Stomps01's Avatar
    I think pretty much every passport has keys that feel a bit different than the others.... I gave up caring..... even if you get a perfectly good one after awhile some keys may start to sound different as it is broken in...dirt gets behind/beside the keys, etc.... it will still work fine though..... I say don't worry about it unless it is actually physically coming off....

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    10-01-15 11:42 AM
  7. kjjb0204's Avatar
    Well, got the second replacement and it has a wiggly Z key and the screen has that yellowish cast compared to my original. Looks like I'll just have to deal with the wiggly p key.

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    10-05-15 11:54 AM
  8. kjjb0204's Avatar
    Aaaaaaand now my Enter key is lose like the P key. Wtf

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    10-07-15 09:41 PM

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