06-28-15 06:07 PM
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  1. RoseBud68's Avatar
    Mine arrived last week. It is a good fit but the quality is not as good as original oem cases..

    Posted via CB10
    I'm not surprised.
    03-15-15 09:52 AM
  2. RoseBud68's Avatar
    Only took Seven days to show up. Its a nice pouch. Looks and works great. Wife liked it so much I ordered her the Brown one. It will be here next Monday.
    03-16-15 06:51 PM
  3. mike159sw's Avatar
    Yes, just received the package. Nice material, fake leather but nice to have. Fits perfect, for a reasonable price.

    Posted via CB10
    03-19-15 03:10 PM
  4. ruben1975's Avatar
    Anyone having stain on the screen of the passport? I have a stain line on the screen where the front top of the pouch rests. Doesn't come off when I clean the screen!

    Posted via CB10
    04-20-15 09:05 AM
  5. czechberry's Avatar
    No stain, but scratches.


    My friend using tight leather pouch
    and he noticed two minor straight scratches on LCD screen, he had grain of sand or dust between screen and pouch probably..
    04-20-15 12:16 PM
  6. Fistmaster's Avatar
    Just ordered my first Ali express item!

    A brown holster we used to love from BlackBerry.

    The price is okay.

    Brown premium color will nice with a passport in it. So sad that BlackBerry don't make this.

    I do carry my passport with the OEM case. Works all good. But nothing beats a holster. Always used one. I need to fully protect BlackBerry devices.

    So wish me luck that this bad boy arrives asap!

    Posted via CB10
    06-28-15 06:07 PM
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