11-19-15 07:37 PM
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  1. apollo64's Avatar
    How do you guys use it? What are your professions? For me it works nice with athena

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    01-09-15 11:27 AM
  2. Gadgetgirl38's Avatar
    I am an RN. I work in Palliative Care. I use my Passport for communication, utilizing Medscape for verifying drug dosages, emailing, creating power point presentations - the nursing computer got taken away to be used at a different site.....so the Passport is my main computer while I am at work.
    01-09-15 11:35 AM
  3. Powdah's Avatar
    My wife is a provider at a large hospital / clinic. I am good friends with many other providers, NO one uses BB. Mostly large screened androids.
    01-09-15 11:39 AM
  4. Tornado99's Avatar
    I'm in a BioPharmacuetical drug company. I use my passport as a personal device and would love to use it for work, but alas my company policy only allows iphone and now android as byod.

    Quite a shocker when everything we do is highly confidential and protection of intellectual property is key.

    This Passport takes me places!
    01-09-15 11:57 AM
  5. BeMSiG's Avatar
    See them being used all the time by the doctors I work with.

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    01-09-15 11:59 AM
  6. Gadgetgirl38's Avatar
    Which I can understand. I went from a Note 2, to a q5, to a Huawei Mate 1 that was super lag and no more os updates, to a Huawei Mate 2 whose entire screen smashed after it fell less than 2 feet and while in case, to an S4 that drove me crazy trying to type messages full of errors on a touch screen Finally when I saw the passport in person, I thought I didn't like it...but couldn't get it off my mind either. Went back and tried typing on it and was sold. Could never go back to just a touch screen again.
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    01-09-15 12:23 PM
  7. Zetai's Avatar
    I'm a medical student on clinical rotations and every attending I've been with has 'noticed' the passport. As for usage, mostly I get pages on it and I use it to look things up.

    I think the main thing that makes a difference is how detailed I can be when I respond to a page and how formal/professional my messages are. The other thing that really is impressive is battery life. Being oncall and not even the slightest bit worried about making it through my shift really puts my mind at ease. Worst case as a med student is pissing off your attending/resident or missing their page/text entirely.

    Anything in particular you are concerned about using the PP in the medical setting?

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    01-09-15 01:33 PM
  8. fridaybeatsmondayanygivensunday's Avatar
    I'm in Pharma Sales and I depend on the passport: calendar, schedules, notes, calls, emails, text, multitasking plus the battery life is just perfect for me

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    01-09-15 01:44 PM
  9. mnarewal's Avatar
    I'm a physician I use the passport with citrix and a a medical records program lab program and pacs system works well because of the resolution no longer have to scroll unless I want to look at ct or mri on a better screen.

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    01-09-15 02:36 PM
  10. robtanz's Avatar
    I use Citrix to access the patient care system when I am outside the hospital.

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    01-09-15 02:58 PM
  11. mayyarhj's Avatar
    Im working in srugery and endoscopy design projects
    The phone is awesome for emails excels autocads and xray and ultrasound images highly recommend it

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    01-09-15 03:00 PM
  12. lad101's Avatar
    Have you ever heard or used Nursing Central? I got my daughter a Passport for Christmas and put the App on it for her but it doesn't work. She has to got the website to use it which is fine as long as there is cell coverage or wi fi. Is there another app similar to N.C. that works on BB10 that she could use?
    01-09-15 03:30 PM
  13. Gadgetgirl38's Avatar
    i like Medscape better than Nursing Central....I used Nursing Central through half of my Nursing degree, but for didn't like what I got vs. what I was paying for
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    01-09-15 03:43 PM
  14. lad101's Avatar
    Thanks! Just looked it up. Do you use the Android App I assume?
    01-09-15 04:50 PM
  15. AnimalPak200's Avatar
    My wife is a Pharmacist at the ED of a hospital. Uses her Passport to run LexiComp while doing med rec as well as whenever she has to field questions from the providers.

    She gets positive comments/questions and (wth is that?!)s on a daily basis,.. but keep in mind that we're in the US, and I doubt many have seen the Passport before.

    Have to say that the Android version of Lexi shows amazingly well on the Passport's large display. I contacted them earlier about updates to their BlackBerry World app (which is also an Android port) but instead they replied saying they were going to discontinue support for BlackBerry devices and eventually pull the app entirely (not exactly a cheap subscription, so... a bit concerning).

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    01-09-15 04:58 PM
  16. TJ DM's Avatar
    I'm a physician. Eye surgeon (Ophthalmologist) is my specialty. I do cataract surgeries and I use my passport to view my patients Biometry in choosing the right intraocular lens to be implanted. I also use it in calculating the degree and location of Limbal relaxing incisions on my post op patients utilizing the LRI calculator.

    I also use my passport to view Fluorescein angiography of patients with retinal problems such as diabetic retinopathy, retinal vascular occlusion, retinal vasculitis, macula degeneration, Etc. I use the passport in virtually every aspect of my practice and it makes me more productive and efficient.

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    01-09-15 05:17 PM
  17. apollo64's Avatar
    Very cool guys! I'm starting clinical rotations soon. So far I've used the passport for managing pts. I was wondering if the information transmitted via the browser is encrypted. I've use athena and typhon groups with no problems. Maybe we can get a BBM channel going

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    01-09-15 09:11 PM
  18. neuroben's Avatar
    I'm a neurologist. I've had literally every time kind of device. Iphone, windows phone, android. My passport tops them all. Couldn't be happier

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    01-09-15 09:15 PM
  19. apollo64's Avatar
    Hey! Just wondering what rotations your on. I'm starting ER

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    01-09-15 11:51 PM
  20. Zetai's Avatar
    I just started Surgery.

    For those of you using citrix, are you using the android version? I'm not aware of a native BB10 version.
    01-10-15 06:53 AM
  21. shakingthrough's Avatar
    Yes, Android version of Citrix receiver. Works well. I am an Emergency Medicine physician and I primarily use my Passport to complete medical records after my shift. What kills me is that one health system I work at has us now using Worx for secure email instead of BES, and another system has all the docs on PerfectServe for secure calls and messaging and I had to use the Android app since they don't have one for BlackBerry. Point being secure communications in Medicine and private medical records should be in BlackBerry's wheelhouse, but at this point they are still an outsider.

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    01-10-15 08:54 AM
  22. Zetai's Avatar
    What EMR system do you have? My hospital has EPIC and while it works, I find it a bit laggy.

    That stinks for email. Although I have the same situation. I'm using cloudmagic android version to get email on my passport. I'm not totally complaining since I'd like work and personal emails separate anyways. Still, hub integration would be nice.

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    01-10-15 09:03 AM
  23. apollo64's Avatar
    We use Athenanet for our EMRs. It seems to work fine and the passports scroll wheel works great. Recently I've tried the new figure 1 app from snap and it works good with the occasional google play services popup.
    I was wondering about cloudmagic, has it been working well for you. I was concerned about their privacy statement therefore have not really considered using it.

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    01-10-15 09:30 AM
  24. kwakster928's Avatar
    I am an oncology pharmacists. I do a lot of viewing on Lexicomp and Uptodate on drug information and topic research. If I have to view a patient's data I use a RDC.

    I do tons of emails and text paging and I find it extremely useful when reading journal articles in pdf.

    Posted with my super duper BlackBerry Passport.
    01-10-15 09:45 AM
  25. DocHowe's Avatar
    I am an Independent Duty Corpsman in the US Navy. Like a physician's assistant, I treat and diagnose patients under my supervising physician as an extension of his license. My Passport has been a tremendous asset as both a reference tool and a productivity tool. My job is both medical and administrative, so the Passport is the perfect device for me to just get things done.

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    01-10-15 10:10 AM
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