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    This is Joe from Hong Kong. Finally made up my mind to purchase a PP from Amazon last week and I was able to get the phone on Monday. A nice and solid phone definitely. When I turned on the phone for the first time, there came the blue blackberry logo with a circular status bar, followed by the blackberry10 logo. However, after that, it was just a complete black screen (but I could sense the backlight was on) that I could not do anything. Only the volume keys and the power button (a white message box popped out asking me whether to turn off the device) were functional.

    The problem continued to persist and I called the Blackberry hotline. Following the instructions from the Blackberry staff, I tried the phone again and again with sim card on/off and battery fully charged. The problem was still there. Finally (after a number of calls) the staff guided me to do a OS update and reload through Blackberry Link. However, the problem still could not be solved.

    At last, the staff asked me to return the phone back to Amazon. I really like PP and I will give it one more chance and ask Amazon to send me back a new one. Hope Blackberry will not disappoint me again.

    In the office, each of us is allocated with a Q10. However, most of my colleagues in my team (most of them are also iPhone users) commented the BB10 OS is "crap" (But obviously they just dont want to explore the functions of BB10). Everytime I am the only one to defend Blackberry and I am so keen to show them how good the PP is. It really hurts that I end up with a defective PP.
    11-11-14 07:10 PM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    Isolated cases, any outcome to this? My PP has made it half the way across USA and few thousand miles around the globe. No issue.
    11-24-14 09:24 AM
  3. dejanh's Avatar
    No experience with this particular issue, but I have personally found Passport build quality inconsistent and a fairly large number of defective devices. My experience however was probably somewhat of a statistical anomaly.

    Posted via CB10
    11-24-14 09:29 AM

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