03-05-15 11:13 AM
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  1. RexdaleNap's Avatar
    I used only bb phones except 1 android mistake.

    To those who have doubts just try it good.

    Better than 4 row especially when looking at specs.

    In 2 3 years get new phone.
    12-29-14 08:13 AM
  2. retomex's Avatar
    Lots of posts could be written about it's pros and cons. In the end it was a design compromise and for sure a lot of thought went into making it work (really well in my opinion.)

    I look at it this way; it might be controversial if you love the 3 rows or not, but man you gotta love the Passport!
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    12-29-14 09:12 AM
  3. dale-c's Avatar
    Love it love it love it!

    Initially I thought BlackBerry lost it, but after trying it actually I prefer it to the 4 row!

    On the other hand, BlackBerry needs to expand on the touch aspect of the keyboard, should ultimately function like the classic trackpad!

    Passport Powered
    Totally agree. They need to figure out a way to select though. I would like to use it in the browser.

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    12-29-14 10:47 AM
  4. AnimalPak200's Avatar
    I came from a Z30 and every other touch screen only device BlackBerry made. It took me a few weeks just to build up finger strength to stomp on the keys instead of just tap glass like a ballerina (not that they aren't stronger than most guys).

    But I have to say that the three row keyboard with the touch sensitive swiping is truly ingenious. Like Thurask mentioned, instead of pressing an alt key, you swipe down once and the virtual symbol keys are displayed with a mapping to each physical key. That means you can just swipe down anywhere on the keyboard and tap on the physical key that corresponds (which you quickly memorize). That is much easier than scrunching up your hand to hit the little Alt key on the side, and essentially results in the same number of movements required for a symbol (i.e. 2). Additionally, the theoretically infinite flexibility of the virtual keys means that different sets of symbols can be mapped to the keys, instead of having a fixed set of symbols printed on the keys.

    Finally, the swiping to select words and to delete is really something that I could not have given up from the Z-series keyboard.

    At the end of the day I feel the Passport might actually be an easier transition for those that were used to the virtual BB10 keyboard (once you build up the finger muscle).

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    12-29-14 11:30 AM
  5. Bonnie Bonzai's Avatar
    Works fine for me !

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    12-29-14 11:39 AM
  6. wobus's Avatar
    Wow. Feedback for the passport keyboard here in this thread has been great.

    But honestly though, most of you said that it's really easy to adapt to -- but what I'd really want to know is do you think it's better than having the four rows?

    I'm curious because I've been arguing with myself for the longest time if it's worth it to replace my Z30 with the passport. I'm really convinced that a passport with 4 rows of keys (with alt and symbols) would've been much better and more efficient; plus the screen real estate would not be compromised with an on-screen keyboard just specifically for symbols.

    This is coming from someone who's been using a bold series phone for work email for roughly 5 years and is now enjoying a Z30.

    Thanks in advance for your replies, CB family

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    I had been using a Z10 for two years and before this the Storm which was also a touchscreen device. I wouldn't touch the devices with qwerty with a bargepole as I couldn't stand the alt and symbols and track pad. I wasn't sure if I would get on with the keys but I have to say the design is brilliant with the virtual row.

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    12-29-14 01:32 PM
  7. BACK-2-BLACK's Avatar
    Love it. Favourite keyboard of all.
    12-29-14 01:36 PM
  8. JLErwin3's Avatar
    I thought it would give me some difficulty but I did not notice any difficulty at all once I started using it

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    12-29-14 02:19 PM
  9. dale-c's Avatar
    What is really interesting is that I just picket up my wife's q10 and have trouble typing on it. The one nice thing was that it wasn't as stiff.

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    12-29-14 02:21 PM
  10. fxiddy's Avatar
    Only a few hours in so it's a bit odd switching from touchscreen to keyboard eg email addresses, passwords, the comma and full stop above the letters is very odd. Definitely needs a forth row, then there's more screen real estate. But it's fun cause it's new and I love figuring new things out.

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    12-29-14 02:23 PM
  11. aha's Avatar
    Hmm.... love is a strong word.
    12-29-14 11:34 PM
  12. walcolm's Avatar
    I just hate the comma is not there when I need it a lot more than the globe sign then I have to go to the next menu, can we reassign the virtual key?
    Posted via CB10
    the globe icon replaces the comma icon once you setup multiple language on the keyboard...but you can toggle off the display of the globe icon
    12-30-14 03:11 AM
  13. anon(870071)'s Avatar
    After a few weeks I kind of got used to using the 3 row keyboard, but to be honest, I prefer the Q10's 4 rows. I don't like touching and pressing mixed up together and I keep hitting Z when I want to use shift. When I have to enter numbers, it's never the same display version; sometimes its 3x3 with small or big font, sometimes it's a small row. I haven't been able to use the swipe down or up to get numbers or select words. I'd rather just type everything out. Maybe I should consider getting the Classic as well...
    I did that at first but I just started swiping down on the capacitive keyboard to get the keyed number screen and just use keyboard to enter numbers.
    Anyone else loving the three row keyboard?-img_20141230_041736.png

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    12-30-14 06:17 AM
  14. anischab's Avatar
    I got used to it. I still hit 'Y' when I want to 'Shift'... and by typing blind, I am still confounding 'N' and 'B'... but I slowly start get used to it and start to type blindfold like I do with my Q10!

    Workhorse: BlackBerry|Q10, SQN100-3, OS; Power Workhorse: BlackBerry|Passport, SQW100-1, OS; Germany.
    12-30-14 07:30 AM
  15. homer1475's Avatar
    I did that at first but I just started swiping down on the capacitive keyboard to get the keyed number screen and just use keyboard to enter numbers.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Posted via CB10
    Was just going to post the exact same thing. My only issue, you cant lock the numbers to keys without tapping the screen.

    IE, when I need a couple numbers, you have to swipe down every time you need another number, or hold the glass to lock the keys. What they need is something like a 2 finger swipe down to lock the numbers to the keys, and a swipe up to revert back to normal keyboard.
    12-30-14 08:53 AM
  16. ubizmo's Avatar
    Having to hold down Alt + a button breaks the typing flow for me. Swiping to get symbols is less of an interruption.
    This is how it is.

    The breakpoint is when you know the keyboard mapping of the symbols you use a lot. I don't have to look at the virtual symbol array when I want a hyphen; I just do swipe-I. And swipe-L for (double) quotation mark. Swipe-N for the ampersand, which I also use a fair amount. I don't have them all memorized, but I don't need to. The only time I touch the virtual symbol display is when I want to enter multiple consecutive numbers or symbols.
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    12-30-14 08:58 AM
  17. dale-c's Avatar
    The one thing I want to see is a fully time number row above the punctuation. That would save a lot of time.

    Posted via CB10
    12-30-14 09:25 AM
  18. chrysaurora's Avatar
    I've tried Passport a few times at store and I am not confident I can get used to 3-rows keyboard. I like the idea of virtual keyboard but it is bothersome to have a smaller space-bar key in between letter keys.

    Maybe they can have large space bar on 4th row on its own. And if they don't want to put alt/sym keys on 4th row, they could put call/end buttons there to utilize available space on 4th row on either sides of space-bar. This will also give physical call/end buttons. NO need for full toolbelt as keyboard is already touch sensitive.

    I want a Passport like device but I'll wait to see what is announced as successor to Passport. If Passport v2.0 (lets call it that for now), has 4 row keyboard, I'll wait for it. If Passport v 2.0 is just like current Passport with improved specs, I'll just go ahead and buy current Passport instead of waiting for new one to come out.

    I'll just wait until official announcement or somewhat official leak for Passport v2.0 before making a decision, I guess.
    12-30-14 11:42 AM
  19. anon3969612's Avatar
    Depends. For just writing? Doesn't really make too much of a difference, but having the punctuation be where it is is awkward until you get used to it.

    However, for some less traditional things -- controlling a computer with a remote desktop client, re-mapping keyboard keys in android for non-supported languages, and some other things, it's way more convenient to have a full keyboard, and I would have liked it if they had included the 4th row personally.
    Issue I ran into today with Passport vs Classic:

    When using the Remote Desktop app, the Passport will allow a virtual keyboard for numbers & symbols so typing telnet commands in a DOS command box on a Windows machine works fine. With the Classic, the ALT+num key works for typing numbers, but you cannot get the extended SYM+key characters (= ~ ) to work on the remote machine. It also does not bring up any virtual ASCII emulator either... e-mailed the dev, hopefully they fix it.

    Passport wins this one over Classic

    12-30-14 01:04 PM
  20. Hilton_K's Avatar

    Prefer it now.

    12-30-14 01:06 PM
  21. j21jam6's Avatar
    The new keyboard is ingenious. I love it. The adjustment was a non-issue. I had read everything I could find concerning the keyboard and use by very early adopters prior to my purchase plus I watched countless videos.
    My take on the keyboard and the phone itself is a microcosm of what BlackBerry is faced with today: innovation, perception, and adoption/acceptance.
    BlackBerry had fallen off the map. In America you can walk into any carrier and you WILL NOT see a BlackBerry in the store. Inquire about BlackBerry and the majority of responses will be they are out of business or going out of business. Most consumers believe it. Why wouldn't they. You can't find em in stores, you don't see people using them on the streets. No advertisement saying "We Are BlackBerry " or any mention at all. For all intents and purposes BlackBerry is dead in America. Now, for us here on CB we know better. BlackBerry is alive and in the mist of a turnaround to profitability.
    That brings me back to the Passport. It's definitely innovative on so many different levels. The design itself came from thinking outside of the box, as well as the capacitive touch keyboard. The perception here on a site of professed BlackBerry lovers is perplexing, disheartening, and leaves me scratching my head. The release of the Passport or rather the reception of the Passport mirrors the reception of BlackBerry 10: it's different. Rather than adapt to this change, diehards (?) come here to voice their displeasure. Coming here reminds me of just how reluctant people are to change. They Absolutely reject it.
    You can't appease everyone, but to see and read the faithfuls (?) take on the BlackBerry 10 offerings is sometimes nauseating. I read less adoption/acception and more rejection/dismay.
    I'm not looking for agreement. Just felt the need to air out this stuffy *** room by opening a few windows.

    Posted two-handed via Passport
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    12-30-14 01:50 PM
  22. kamarov's Avatar
    Got our Classic demo at work so I was able to play with it for a bit. Gotta say, I love the Passport keyboard a lot more. The Classic's keyboard feels a bit cramped for my liking.

    Posted via CB10
    12-30-14 02:19 PM
  23. Recoton's Avatar
    Just swipe down on the keyboard should make it easier to get to the virtual keyboard.....

    At least you can get your hands on a Passport I am waiting for AT&T to wake up so I can move on from my Z-10
    12-30-14 02:52 PM
  24. jly.public's Avatar
    And don't worry about the stiffness, I felt mine was stiff as well, but it goes away with time.
    Passport on Wind
    .. off topic .. I almost spit out my drink when I read this line ^
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    12-30-14 03:37 PM
  25. John Vieira's Avatar
    .. off topic .. I almost spit out my drink when I read this line ^
    Well, it's true. It does get less stiff over time.

    I can't get any stiffness to it unless the wind blows in the right direction.


    Passport on Wind
    12-30-14 08:27 PM
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