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    Ok, so I've been wondering for a while if I got a lemon for a phone, because I've been having some odd issues with my Passport. I'm hoping someone else here knows how to fix these problems or can direct me to a source of information for solutions because I have yet to find any.

    First, until I disconnected my account, Twitter kept adding the users I follow to my BlackBerry Contacts list. When I first connected my account, I denied adding Twitter to contacts but whenever my phone restarted, they'd be enabled and I would have to disable contacts repeatedly. This is wildly annoying as a native app should never be so intrusive as to override OS settings.

    Now that I've updated to 10.3.2, every time I restart my phone, the stupid bluetooth turns itself on. I do not use bluetooth and I do not appreciate being made vulnerable to outsiders. I only realized bluetooth was automatically turning on when I was out yesterday and someone so persistently kept trying to connect to my phone that I couldn't even get into the settings without the popup to connect interfering. I had to shut off my phone for a while in order to deter the invisible jerk from trying to connect.

    I have a serious problem with these types of issues as I wanted a BlackBerry for two reasons: superior communications and unparalleled security. The enabling of bluetooth without my permission is a breech of security that worries me, and an accidental tap on my screen could have a allowed a total stranger access to my phone. And all because my phone is making decisions that I never allowed.

    Also, does anyone know a work-around for getting custom notifications to fall in with overall phone settings? Apparently having custom notifications override phone notification settings is working as intended. But this is ludicrous. When I set my phone to silent, I expect that to silence ALL notifications, including those from contacts with special ringtones. I don't see why my four-year-old droid can do this but my flashy new passport can't.

    Thanks in advance for your positive, constructive input.
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    07-13-15 02:51 AM
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    Try an OS reload thru link.
    Sounds like the update may have not gone thru to your phone properly.

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    07-13-15 11:54 AM

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