04-25-17 12:56 PM
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  1. nbaliga's Avatar
    I'm more than satisfied.

    I don't watch movies at all on my phone, but I do watch a few YouTube videos at bed time, and maybe once a week I'll watch a half hour show on Netflix.

    Netflix was a pain because it forced a screen resize to fit to square, but if you sideload the version before the latest one from Snap, it has the proper aspect ratio. Sorry, don't have the link, but it's on these forums.

    I do LOVE that I don't need to turn my phone sideways and hold with two hands when watching short videos like clips in news articles etc!

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    10-25-14 11:40 AM
  2. --TommesJay--'s Avatar
    What phones are 16:9? There's always a trade off.

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    ....uhmm tbh almost every all touch device out there is 16:9. Whether it's a Galaxy S, a Sony Xperia Z, an HTC One, an LG G3, a Galaxy Note 4, any iPhone since the 5....the question is rather "what phones aren't 16:9?" nowadays.


    ....all 16:9. The Z10 or a Nexus 4 as very rare exceptions have 1280*768 displays and show a few extra pixels.

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    10-25-14 11:50 AM
  3. fanisk's Avatar
    No issue for me, the view size is satisfactory.

    Sent from my BlackBerry Passport
    10-25-14 11:57 AM
  4. lift's Avatar
    Yes I am looking forward to mainstream video technology catching up to what the PP can do.

    PP is a game changer.

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    WOW, You've got that backwards for sure.
    10-25-14 11:58 AM
  5. andrewmcwhirter's Avatar
    It took all of 5 min for me to get used to it, coming from a Z10 screen.

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    10-25-14 12:17 PM
  6. Techno-Emigre's Avatar
    Thanks for asking this, OP. I somehow missed it and hadn't given it enough thought.

    There are numerous perfectly legit reasons to consider size of video display. Obviously, a lot of people use video in business settings. Even tho I use the big screen w HDMI constantly, there are times sitting around a table in a meeting when you want to show a video quickly and people need to be able to see it. Plus I remember a great discussion here once by people with various levels of visual impairment. It was interesting, and made me think outside my own experience. A person with visual impairment may very well choose a physical keyboard for the touch experience, and think they were getting more video real estate with the Passport.

    Some of you guys are just so cute, and must be very young (or have serious developmental lag). "This is my experience/need/opinion, therefore it had better be yours or I will rip you!" Smirk. Really, open up the imagination a little. The world is a big place. Try considering the possibility that different isn't good or bad. It is different. Then remember whatever manners you can scrape up and viola! World peace and better relations on CB, just like that! OP asked a respectful, legit question. If it doesn't interest you, that is OK.
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    10-25-14 12:56 PM
  7. southlander's Avatar
    I don't have a Passport but the square aspect is something that makes me want it MORE. I hate rotating a phone. Hate it.
    10-25-14 12:59 PM
  8. Ankit RS's Avatar
    Just as we speak about mobile video (since video on your phone will always be MOBILE because why would you use a screen that tiny at home, right?), could some of you please enlighten me?
    So can someone please educate me on how mobile video can be this big of a deal for people?

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    I agree with the gist of what you are saying but not everyone uses the device the way we do. It matters if and when you watch the shows (or whatever) online on your device. Although not more than watching on a laptop or desktop, but I do this a considerable number of times. That's when and why it matters to certain people.

    OP, Yes, I am disappointed with the video screen size, but that disappointment comes from before even having this device - I knew it was gonna be this way. For the other things it has to offer, I was - and still am- fine with this trade-off. One good thing about it is I never have to rotate the device before watching anything. I always had rotation lock 'on' on the Z10 and hated having to turn it off while watching videos.
    10-25-14 01:06 PM
  9. jvinp's Avatar
    Just as we speak about mobile video (since video on your phone will always be MOBILE because why would you use a screen that tiny at home, right?), could some of you please enlighten me?

    For years now people on the (tech-) internet speak of big smartphone screens and the missing netflix app for BlackBerry devices. So can someone please tell me how all this video-on-the-go makes sense? I mean a regular episode of a 50 minute TV show has around 3-4 Gigs in 1080p, easily 2GB in 720p and at like the worst resolution downloadable it's still 350 to 600 MB per episode. May I ask what kind of dataplans you guys have? Cause even 2 and a half episodes at like the worst image quality imaginable would eat up my monthly mobile data completely. So can someone please educate me on how mobile video can be this big of a deal for people?

    Oh no, I know the answer. Video on smartphone screens has exactly that one single purpose: you get a new phone, unbox it and to check out that new gorgeous screen it has, you turn into landscape and launch a 1080p video and you are stunned how gorgeous it looks. It makes you happy. You say things like "omg look what an amazing video experience I have readily available from now on, always in my pocket, wherever I go" - and this makes you love your new phone. Then for the rest of the two years you carry that phone you occasionally check some bad quality 2 minute YouTube video about news or fun, while even watching it briefly in portrait mode cause you're too lazy to rotate it like 50% of the time. Because it eats too much data and drains the battery too much. Yep.

    So the Passport will be awesome for me since while the screen excels at everything other than video, I can even watch the biggest videos in portrait without rotating the screen. Bam.

    Posted via CB10
    Wifi. You can get wifi at home, wifi at work, wifi st a hotel or airport or coffee shop -- there are times when you're mobile that you may want to watch a video.

    Posted via CB10
    10-25-14 01:09 PM
  10. sorinv's Avatar
    Yes, coming from the Z30 this is a big but the only disappointment.
    It is is not a big issue when livestreaming TV on the screen of the Passport, some TV stations which use flash give you the 4:3 and 16:9 options, but when mirroring to my HDMI big screen TV it is annoying.

    Some people here do not realize the big benefit of not having to pay for cable, or using your phone hooked up to an HDMI big screen as a second TV or when you are in a hotel, travelling.
    Especially if you are on WIND mobile in toronto where you can have unlimited data in Canada for 35 dollars a month and in US for another 15 dollars a month.

    I use this feature a lot both at home and when travelling.
    I need it for business and for entertainment.
    BlackBerry should have kept the hdmi port as on Z30 and should have fixed the software in the browser to allow correct 16:9 mirroring to an external monitor when live streaming in flash in the browser.
    They better fix this in 10.3.1.
    It's should be easy since the video player and powerpoint already adapt correctly to a mirrored screen.

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    10-25-14 01:14 PM
  11. FCSC's Avatar
    I watch about 4hrs of video A DAY m-f on my commute, and i'm on a Q10, I wasn't disappointed because I new the screen was 1x1 when I bought the phone, was it a surprise to the OP that the passport was 1x1?

    What did you expect with a square screen?
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    10-25-14 01:33 PM
  12. alan510's Avatar
    The opposite of disappointed. I'm impressed with the video quality of my Passport. Everybody has different use cases for devices. For mine, it is very impressive. But for me the Passport was not an impulse buy. It's expensive and I watched the videos and early reviews. I know what I was getting. If I had been disappointed the fault would have been mine, not the Passport.

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    10-25-14 01:56 PM
  13. TheScionicMan's Avatar
    It's been a while since I took a geometry class, but IIRC, a square and a rectangle have different dimensions.
    10-25-14 03:16 PM
  14. scootnyinzer's Avatar
    Then the Z30 is the perfect phone...

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    Or so you have heard, lol.

    Posted via CB10
    10-25-14 03:30 PM
  15. BL3's Avatar
    Yes i do wish videos expanded a bit more, height wise, so i could see more

    However, the screen quality is great.

    Posted via CB10
    10-25-14 03:31 PM
  16. mikegcox's Avatar
    I believe it is slightly smaller than iPhone 4 landscape screen size. No?

    I haven't the PP yet so I can't say what I think if screen size yet.

    Posted via CB10
    I compared the same video playing in an iPod Touch with a Passport, for HD formatted videos, the Passport was larger than not just the iPod but the Z10 as well. Depending on the aspect ratio of the video you are playing, there are often bars on iPod just not as big. If you watch instagram videos, the Passport is massive, way larger than any other phone. Same can be said for 4:3 ratio videos which there are a lot of.

    If you are an Instagram lover, the Q10 is wider than most and square so Instagram photos on Q series phones are bigger than almost everything. Passport is the best device for consumption of a lot of different media.

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    10-25-14 03:58 PM
  17. matt4pack's Avatar
    I think it's great my phone is no longer a rubik's cube and the size is fine for youtube videos. Anything else is stupid to watch on any phone.

    Posted via CB10
    10-25-14 04:25 PM
  18. deadcowboy's Avatar
    This isn't an issue at all. There's enough 4x3 content out there that I prefer the 1x1 Passport screen.

    Posted via CB10
    10-25-14 04:38 PM
  19. Jose Casiano's Avatar
    So anyone used the miracast feature on the passport yet? Does it copy the square resolution or do videos adjust to the tv?

    Posted via CB10
    10-25-14 04:53 PM
  20. SharonRD's Avatar
    Like mentioned before, I have zero issues with watching vids on PP's square screen, but would still prefer to watch movies on a nice big 80 inch screen TV.

    Posted with my Canadian Passport
    10-25-14 05:46 PM
  21. vladi's Avatar
    Passport in portrait displays video like 95% of landscape on iPhone 5S

    Posted via CB10
    10-25-14 05:50 PM
  22. sportline's Avatar
    It's design consequences..just live with it... ' anyone disappointed in trying to parallel park ford f250 dualie in downtown new york in rush hour?

    Posted via CB10
    10-25-14 07:03 PM
  23. BrizzadMan's Avatar
    Even with my Z30, I would rarely watch videos in Landscape orientation to take advantage of the entire screen. If watching a brief video from a news article or something... I'd watch it in Portrait.

    The odd time I'd watch a TV show or extremely rare... watching a movie, I certainly would enjoy all 5" of the screen in Landscape.

    I really, really do not miss Z30 for watching videos. If anything I'm getting a bigger video on Passport in most cases.

    Remember, not all videos are 16x9 either. Lots of content on YouTube or NetFlix are 4x3 still. Naturally... those look terrible and small on narrow phones. They look awesome on Passport of course.

    Posted via CB10
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    10-25-14 08:55 PM
  24. lynxs_claw's Avatar
    Also, look on the bright side, with pinch and zoom you can quickly increase the size (center) of the movie without losing the top and bottom of the picture and only a little on the ends. With a smaller 16x9 you lose the top and you lose the sides. So all in all it really it's really not that bad.. IMO
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    10-25-14 09:35 PM
  25. Jordan Gibson1's Avatar
    Dont watch enough vids for it to be make or break, all I want is strong communication, that said it is 1:1 in a 16:9 world.

    Posted via CB10
    10-25-14 09:43 PM
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