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    i damaged my main mic by spraying contact cleaner into the usb port...oops, it doesnt work at all now.

    i have a parts phone with a good mic, and there's a crackberry thread that i can only find on the web, not cb10, that describes swapping the mic (he actually does it from an iphone5) using only a heat gun and tweezers.
    can anyone verify this procedure? apparently he protected what he wasnt working on with tinfoil, heated and pulled off the mic with tweezers, placed the new on in the same position, heated it and it soldered itself in. i have plenty of experience soldering point-to-point or larger IC's but this method baffles me. he says it took very little heat.
    believable? plenty of shops offer mic replacement.. is this how its done?

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    bump. nobody on cb works on phones?

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    The process you describe is more-or-less the correct process, but using the wrong tools for the job. A proper repair facility will use a hot-air re-work station (not a heat gun, which can far more easily damage or desolder other components) and heat-protective film (that isn't subject to static discharge, unlike the aluminum foil). The way this guy did it was a lot like using channel-lock pliers to loosen a nut on your car instead of the proper-sized socket - it might work, but other damage is being done in the process.

    The bottom line is that you might be able to do it with crude tools, but you could just as easily make things worse (kind of like spraying contact cleaner in a USB port - something that normally should never be done either). Be smart, and take it to a shop where a real tech with proper training can fix it the right way.
    10-28-17 03:09 PM
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    thanks for the advice troy but i've always refused to be smart in such situations. if hot air will unsolder and resolder the mic without melting it, i'll try my hardest to focus the heat. the position of the mic on this pcb makes it fairly easy to isolate. i just hope there isn't a plastic membrane in this mic chip...i've already heated it somewhat and didnt wanna budge.

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