10-03-14 12:20 PM
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  1. diruocco's Avatar
    Yes but nobody wants to buy it online because it gets to you in 3-5. People want this phone yesterday so I think they would rather pick it up in person tomorrow.
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    09-30-14 10:27 PM
  2. anon(870071)'s Avatar
    So as of the eve of the first of oct. My rogers reservation just went to "in progress" and I was #14 on the reservation list.
    10-01-14 01:01 AM
  3. vpblaze's Avatar
    I am curious if any Passports will be in store today...anywhere...

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    10-01-14 08:57 AM
  4. si001's Avatar
    Just called 4 different bell store, no passport.

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    10-01-14 11:02 AM
  5. bernardogrady's Avatar
    No passport to pick up this morning from Bell... guess this means i will be getting work done today instead of "playing" with a new phone. Worst.
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    10-01-14 11:07 AM
  6. vpblaze's Avatar
    So I have yet again called the Rogers stores this afternoon after they get their re supply. None of them received Passports.
    So I called the Rogers call center and as far as this lady was concerned, not a single Passport has been sent to a store for sale.

    She said possibly by Friday there might be a change to that status.

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    10-01-14 02:38 PM
  7. Mike3110's Avatar
    Best bet for Rogers is to buy it online. Just went to one downtown and they are still doing reservations only.

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    10-01-14 02:41 PM
  8. si001's Avatar
    I just feel like ditching bell for telus. After calling 6 bell stores (in montréal), 2 of them confirmed that no passport will be available in store, they have to make a special order for people who want one, 1-2 days delivery (we'll see about that). So later this afternoon I called back one of the store to order one, the guy told me his manager told him to order 5 devices because a couple of people called and they want some devices in stock. He told me he would call me as soon as they receive them.
    10-01-14 03:38 PM
  9. LordCrankypants's Avatar
    I'm so glad that I bought the phone unlocked from Telus on Monday. If any of you are in Ottawa, the Rideau Centre Telus location had a bunch in stock when I bought it, but I can't speak to it now, because I showed off the capabilities of the phone to the salesperson, and she said she would be talking it up to all her customers. Hopefully I helped generate some sales.


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    10-01-14 03:43 PM
  10. si001's Avatar
    Well, they were right about the 2 days delivery lol
    Picking up my passport after work.

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    10-03-14 12:20 PM
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