1. rental albania's Avatar
    What apps do you use?

    Posted via CB10
    12-01-17 03:00 PM
  2. Chuck Finley69's Avatar
    What apps do you use?

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    Email, phone and texting
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    12-01-17 03:08 PM
  3. falbo's Avatar
    Hi,the apps I mostly use on my passport are ~ Docs to go, whatsapp, parkmobile ( car parking payment app) motogp ebay, password keeper, calendar ,amazon music,amazon ,crackberry, google maps, drive and photos. Remember, pictures and highway code.
    Not a lot and no Facebook or twatter but I'm happy enough to use the browser if I need anything else, altogether happy to use my BlackBerry Passport

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    12-01-17 03:40 PM
  4. hpjoan's Avatar
    Nobex, Supertube, DWG Fastview, Dukto, Soundhound, CB10, Whatsapp, Onedrive, Weather, Docstogo.

    Posted via CB10
    12-02-17 02:48 AM
  5. Qorax's Avatar
    Only the ones that come pre-installed*. I've never ever needed to download any other on any of my phones. B'coz any serious online business that I do - I do only while I'm at my desk. In which case I have a laptop in front. That includes consuming media (which I do only when I'm home).

    *And only a few among them as well. Viz. BB Hub (my most loved app), Contacts, Calendar, Browser, Pictures, Music, Videos, Clock, Weather, Calculator, Evernote, File Manager, Facebook, Twitter, Phone and Camera. Infrequently also, Assistant, Videos, Docs to Go, Maps and Remember.
    12-02-17 05:22 AM
  6. Bertie Bear's Avatar
    Top Music and Music Search (both with free downloads), Relaxbook Nature and Relaxbook Birds, NAVfree, BBC News, BBC iPlayer (UK only), Nobex, CB10, Wikipedia for BlackBerry, 100 Free Books.
    12-02-17 05:40 AM

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