02-05-16 12:54 AM
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  1. yoshivan's Avatar
    Just go and grab this one right now fellow workers!!
    12hrs left for $20 off!!


    Any Blue Collars here using Passport on job site!?-img_20150728_105648.png

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    07-28-15 01:44 PM
  2. beercan640's Avatar
    i've had my Passport for over a year now. it fits nicely in my top pocket of my overall bibs. i have never used a case. there are some scratches on the top by the unlock button from rubbing on the bib pocket button. there are slight scratches on the screen and camera lens which would be normal for any phone over a year old. notice there is a slight separation of the screen on the top right corner. there is also some dirt buildup inside the sim/sd card area. this is easily the best phone i have ever owned. i was interested in the Priv but it is too big for my pocket. i have instead ordered a second Passport. there is no problem with the original Passport, just needed a backup.

    Any Blue Collars here using Passport on job site!?-img_20160130_121252_edit.jpgAny Blue Collars here using Passport on job site!?-img_20160130_121226_edit.jpgAny Blue Collars here using Passport on job site!?-img_20160130_120857_edit.jpgAny Blue Collars here using Passport on job site!?-img_20160130_120739_edit.jpgAny Blue Collars here using Passport on job site!?-img_20160130_120705.jpgAny Blue Collars here using Passport on job site!?-img_20160130_120636_edit.jpg
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    01-30-16 02:26 PM
  3. hamilgs's Avatar
    Thanks for the translation Jim!
    02-02-16 11:36 AM
  4. hamilgs's Avatar
    Yup, it's a "work phone" not a piece of art. Take care of it, but don't baby it.
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    02-02-16 11:38 AM
  5. snippingclouds's Avatar
    Architecture/Interior Designer here. I attend both boardroom meetings and construction site meetings. Impressed many with my phone most of the time, clients and contractors alike.

    Proud to be the sole BlackBerry Passport user in almost every setting lol.

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    02-03-16 03:03 AM
  6. yoshivan's Avatar
    I've settled with Tudia case. It's very thin not like Seldio and covers the power button and volume buttons. I put a ear phone jack with a plustic plug so dust doesn't get in there but can't cover the charging port even though I have a cap for it it's too much pain to put in and out daily!
    I also have a glass shield screen protector which is super nice.

    Damn I miss the Lifeproof case I had for iPhone!!
    I don't miss iPhone though. ;-)

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    02-03-16 12:36 PM
  7. Mr Bigs's Avatar
    Electrician here using the PP for over a year now off and on the jobsite. I bought the outrageously expensive BB Holster and like it better than the Seidio garbage I had.
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    02-03-16 03:07 PM
  8. geraldryan's Avatar
    Physics Tech here, have my PP for just over year now,goes everywhere with me round the class rooms setting up experiments for the students. Kept in a leather case since purchase. Vice Principal of the school was so impressed he now has bought a Passport, carts it round in a see through case in his trousers pocket!!!! Has had no issues with it at all.

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    02-03-16 05:08 PM
  9. anon(8050899)'s Avatar
    I don't wear a blue collar, all right, but I also always carry my Passport along. There is absolutely no problem to me to have this useful helper at my side all day long. I wear it in my left trousers' pocket, in the other are my keys.
    Any Blue Collars here using Passport on job site!?-passportseonthego050216.jpg

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    02-05-16 12:54 AM
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