1. Cohen11's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    Just had a bad shipping experience with ShopBB and would recommend others to purchase on Amazon if they have a chance.
    For a company trying to grow and gain market share, you would think Customer Service would be a top priority for them.

    I bought the Passport on Friday and only monday morning did I get a confirmation that my order was approved! Last night I get a shipping confirmation that the label was created and it has not yet their facility. I called their customer service( it feels like I am talking to a robot ) numerous times to try to cancel, or change my shipping method but nothing is possible. They told me I have a tracking number and to use it, or to call Fed-ex and they can expedite my package quicker. So I call fed Ex and they tell me that the tracking number is missing 2 numbers , that they can't change the shipping method because they are only the middle man. meaning fed-ex picks it up from warehouse and then drives it to usps who delivers it to me.

    I should have come here before ordering it to see how many people complained about ShopBB! Hopefully this might help someone else who wants to order. Sorry for he long rant.
    12-02-14 11:40 AM
  2. mrfreeze's Avatar
    So after they already handed the package off to the delivery company you tried to have them change where it was shipping? Just asking, I'm a little confused as to what happened.
    12-02-14 11:52 AM
  3. imcurved's Avatar
    It's okay usually people feel better after the rant. I do that all the time. However, after my first not-so-great experience with Shop BlackBerry, I learned that always use express shipping method for an extra six dollars. I have ordered five more phones after that and they all were delivered reasonably quickly. The last one we ordered was on Friday and received the order yesterday morning.

    12-02-14 11:54 AM
  4. Cohen11's Avatar
    Sorry for the confusion . They told me I can get the shipment faster if I call Fed-ex and they would charge me for a faster delivery. They still haven't handed off the package. When I called Fed-Ex he said the label was printed but it still wasn't it Fed-Ex hands.

    I hadn't seen the option for faster shipping or I was just in a rush to order out of excitement but for 5$ I would have done it.

    What I don't get is that you cannot cancel an order once you place it . And when i realised the same day they had different shipping methods I called to have it changed and they said " It's too late to change shipping methods and you will have to wait for the order to get processed before asking for a cancellation" Just horrible
    12-02-14 12:08 PM
  5. CherokeeMarty's Avatar
    I ordered my thru ShopBlackBerry, and chose the standard FedEx Ground shipping, knowing it would take 5 or 6 days to get to me. 2 days to get into FedEx hands, 3 days of travel, one day at the local Post Office, and then I had it. It took just as long as I had expected. I don't see this as being a "ShopBlackBerry at fault" situation, just an unrealistic understanding of shipping methods and time frames.
    12-02-14 12:11 PM
  6. mrfreeze's Avatar
    Ok. I understand your frustration. But here is what is happening, they have your device packaged up and set for delivery. It's just waiting for the delivery guy to pick it up.

    Many/Most companies will not cancel an order once it has moved down to the shipping area. That would involve someone going down, digging through all the stuff ready for shipment and then pulling your specific device out of all the packaging. I know it sounds easy, but it truly is not.

    You probably can cancel an order when you place as long as it hasn't reached the shipping department.

    Just wait until the shipment has been picked up and then call FedEx again and ask to have it changed.. You probably will have one day of shipping wasted, but honestly that's your fault for not setting it up right when you purchased it. Not trying to be rude, just truthful.

    On the bright-side that means they are processing it very fast.
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    12-02-14 12:14 PM
  7. Cohen11's Avatar
    Sorry you did not understand the situation. I might have worded it badly.

    Friday I placed the order and then I realised there was another shipping method ( my fault ! ) So I tried calling Friday, Sat and Sunday to have the order cancelled or the shipment method changed but they kept telling me " once you place an order we cannot cancel it or modify it" . I was told once i get approval from accounting ( Would take 24HRS but took 48) I can then call and ask for a cancellation that would need to be approved.

    Now I understand when you say they cannot go to warehouse but everything happened before. And I got my tracking number on monday morning ( when the label was printed ) and fed-ex still hasn't picked it up! That's more than a whole day.

    Also when I called Fed-Ex to change shipping he told me that ShopBB ( or Digital Rivers) has a contract with USPS and that they cannot change the shipping method during any point in the order. All Fed-Ex does is pick it up and deliver it to USPS!
    12-02-14 12:27 PM
  8. mrfreeze's Avatar
    Ok. Now I understand.

    That is annoying.
    12-02-14 12:34 PM
  9. BBlunatic's Avatar
    Yea ShopBB is garbage. Order from Amazon, better customer service experience. I ordered Z30 from them and didn't want it anymore so I returned. Afterwards over a week when they received my returned device, they never returned the money into my account. I called them and they said the money will be back in my account between 5-7 days. Waited an extra week, and nothing showed up. I called them again. It turns out that, they had received the package long time ago, but nobody cared to process the returns. I was on the phone with them for a long time venting my frustration on them untill they credited my account back. Don't know why BlackBerry is paying them to be the middleman. AMAZON is the best. I bought a passport from Amazon, two days after I received my device, the same passport was going gor $100 less, I called Amazon and they gave me $100 credit back. Best customer service at Amazon

    Posted via CB10
    12-02-14 12:52 PM
  10. jackwins's Avatar
    I would rather place an order with my deaf, mute drunk uncle than with ShopBB again.

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    12-02-14 12:55 PM
  11. calicocat2010's Avatar
    There is a thread on this already but I'm sorry that happened with you. I ordered mine thru shop BlackBerry Sat Nov 22nd and received it last Saturday because I did standard shipping. I'm from the US too. Maybe it's a Canada issue Just because it happened with you doesn't mean it will Always happen. Just clearing that up.
    12-02-14 01:18 PM

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