06-05-15 02:41 PM
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    a clock that is broken is right twice a day. so yeah, as I said sometimes the noob is right. But again, there are a looooooot of noobs on this forum.

    Android specs don't mean anything, believe me. The Z10, which is the hardware equivalent of a Galaxy S3, is loading and rendering pages on the same wifi network, almost as fast as the Galaxy S6 Edge, sometimes faster.
    That is against both the default 5.0.2. browser, as well as the latest version of Chrome. They both have different resolution screens but that should not have an effect on page render time.

    A noob would look at the specs and think: oh this S6 Edge is an order of magnitude faster, so it will probably have the best browsing experience!!
    But the reality really differs. And if the most powerful android device ever conceived, is almost going head to head with the Z10 with regards to webbrowsing experience, then you know how the rest should fare..
    Yup. Specs are for bragging rights only.

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    06-05-15 02:41 PM
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