1. snakestyle's Avatar
    In device monitor I am seeing Amazon Store Android apps consuming CPU even when they are prohibited from 'Running when minimised'! Does anyone know why these apps are still running in the background when they should not be? See Plex and the Amazon shop app utilising CPU cycles when they are set to disabled for 'run when minimised!?!

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    03-09-15 06:02 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    yes i know what you mean. Cannot stop some of them from running when minimized and they do take up a lot of ram and battery. That's probably why some folks really hate the idea of android apps on our phones. I guess it's just something we have to live with if we want the app.
    03-09-15 06:07 PM
  3. Dave Bourque's Avatar
    Running when minimized is not the same as running when in background. To kill android apps you should use advanced task killer free if you want to make sure you killed the android app in the background.

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    03-09-15 07:19 PM
  4. snakestyle's Avatar
    These are apps that haven't been launched.

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    03-10-15 04:04 AM
  5. sviciani's Avatar
    The Advanced Task killer from Amazon doesn't work well.
    It see only the android apps.
    We do need a native app that can close all unused apps (such as social networks, bbm meetings, etc...)
    Is there an app to do this?
    What happened to Taskmanager by amitghosh? why it has been removed by BBW? Is there a way to retrive and install it?
    08-01-15 04:50 AM
  6. mprattmd's Avatar
    Get the android settings app so you can control the apps inside the android runtime

    If you disable notifications it seems to keep these apps from spiking

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    08-01-15 06:35 PM
  7. John Vieira's Avatar
    Run when minimized is not used for that.

    Make sure to kill apps from device monitor.

    An android task killer can only control android apps, and no native app can control other bb10 apps or android apps. Don't fall for the snake oil

    08-01-15 06:47 PM
  8. Rendergroup's Avatar
    We should have a native App for this purpose
    08-03-15 04:20 PM
  9. shawnreum's Avatar
    I'll say it in 3 words...
    Welcome to Android


    "I reject your reality and substitute my own!" from Adam Savage
    08-03-15 04:24 PM
  10. redcubicle's Avatar
    Death to Google!

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    08-03-15 06:08 PM
  11. BirdBruce's Avatar
    If you're already seeing this data in device monitor, just kill the offending apps while you're there. There's no need to seek out another Android app just to fix a problem with OTHER Android apps.

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    08-03-15 08:18 PM
  12. Pixel Spartan's Avatar
    Get the android settings app so you can control the apps inside the android runtime
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    Can you elaborate further? Not sure if you are referring to the native App Manager or something else. Thanks mate

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    08-04-15 06:00 AM

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