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    I started a new job and few weeks ago. They have a program called BYOD. I would really like to run with this program. This would save me from having to take a load of gear when I visit with my clients. So I contacted the company IT mobility department. The tech dudes says sure it will run and then lead me down the path to Google Play store - then to the Airwatch container app. It loaded smoothly however when it goes to run I get an error message: Unfortunately, a container has stopped. I can see the login screen in the background but can't get rid of the error message to get to the login screen. This has perplexed our tier 1 tech dudes and it looks like this issue is not very important to anyone but me. I have been told if I can get it working I can use it. Our IT dudes do not have a high opinion of Blackberry and I would really like to prove them wrong and I really really would like to give my poor briefcase and my shoulder a rest. So anybody got any idea on how to fix this issue?

    My OS is

    Thank you for your assistance
    From an over work very frustrated Exec Account Rep
    Deborah B
    12-03-15 02:28 PM
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    Airwatch supports BlackBerry, but not through the Android app. Android apps are sandboxed and don't have privileged access to the BlackBerry operating system that it would need.

    Maybe you can point your IT department to the Airwatch support page for BlackBerry. They do have a native solution.

    Enterprise BlackBerry Management | AirWatch
    12-03-15 02:51 PM

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