1. eyeb's Avatar
    It's fairly recent, maybe since last I went to the latest OS with wifi?

    but I've been getting a lot of ad choice ads when using the browser... is this normal or do I have adware somehow? two sites off top of head would be I get the ads on this site and on alternet.com (more too but I just remember them)

    And how do I make the top orange bar on this site not "zoom" in when I zoom in on the webpage? I just don't like how it renders zooming

    between both these two problems, I've been using ghostery browser more but I don't like it as much >.>
    10-19-15 07:21 AM
  2. conite's Avatar
    Use Browsie Browser.

    10-19-15 07:26 AM
  3. eyeb's Avatar
    I was hoping for a free solution
    I don't like being forced to buy something because of intrusive actions...
    10-19-15 07:37 AM
  4. conite's Avatar
    I was hoping for a free solution
    I don't like being forced to buy something because of intrusive actions...
    We have 7 developers left here. Give the guy $3. Lol

    It is excellent though. Apart from adblocking, you can change user agents. Makes a lot of mobile sites work much better if they think you're an iPhone.

    10-19-15 07:55 AM
  5. eyeb's Avatar
    if you put it that way lol
    guess I can pick up camera++ as well.

    Do you know if they are native apps? One thing I hate about android ones are that when I minimize it and go back to them later on, they all reset and I lose what I was working on/websites I was reading

    I just held off on buying apps from bbw since it doesn't look like there is a trial period/refund if I don't like it like how google does
    10-19-15 08:00 AM
  6. conite's Avatar
    I have camera++ too. Both are native apps and run well.

    10-19-15 08:02 AM
  7. eyeb's Avatar
    Okay I went ahead and bought both. Browsie is good but I feel ripped off wit camera++... manual focus didn't do what I thought it would

    Edit: nevermind, camera++ does what I want, just didn't know how to use it
    10-20-15 02:20 AM

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