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    Preordered me an iPhone 7 Plus!

    First of all, some quick history:
    I've used and owned BB devices going back since the 7000 series circa 2003.
    I've only owned the iPhone 3G (2nd gen)...Also used a more recent iPhone 5c issued to me at work but was quickly and voluntarily surrendered.
    I NEVER owned an Android device. I repeat, I NEVER owned an Android device...I only played around a bit from family/friend owned devices and I'm not a big fan of the OS.
    It's like the "Windows ME" of smartphones for me (No offense to Android fanboys).
    And between iOS, BB10 and Android? Android is also the ugliest and most outdated looking overall.

    Here is my more recent device history 2005-ish to Present Day:

    Owned Pearl (don't remember model #).
    Updated to Curve 8350i
    Bought iPhone 3G as second phone (sold it shortly after).
    Upgraded to Bold 8530
    Upgraded to Bold 9900 (best BB EVER hands DOWN!)
    "Upgraded" to Z10 (surprisingly, I was able to hold on to it until the Passport release)
    Used a company issued iPhone 5c for a while, but returned it.
    Massive upgrade to PASSPORT (my current device)

    My Passport is a fantastic device, but my screen recently cracked and it's showing a lot of wear and tear... The lack of native support sucks and although I am running Android apps, they are a pain to deal with and I never did get Google services to work 100%.. and overall the phone is now a few years old.
    I thought about Priv, but it's an Android. Don't give a s... how secure it is, it's an ANDROID.
    I thought about perhaps getting another Passport (Silver Edition?)... just for the sake of having a fresh and cosmetically sound phone but I'll be spending money and get virtually ZERO performance upgrades.
    Finally, because Apple happened to release their new 7 iPhone, I finally decided to give Apple a go again.
    I pre ordered the 7 Plus in Jet Black 256GB so I'm still waiting for it.
    To be honest, I'm a little freaked out about the thought of switching. I've learned to love BB10 as an OS..it really is an amazing and intuitive OS... but the OS support and BB World is virtually DEAD.

    Speaking of DEAD, whatever happened to Crackberry Kevin?
    10-07-16 02:40 AM
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    Peace out. Enjoy your new device.
    asiayeah likes this.
    10-07-16 02:56 AM

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