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    Hi all,

    After a few days with the Passport (previously having a Z10 for about 2.5yrs) I feel like the Active Frames are pretty restricted. The new feature of showing the 7th and 8th frame in half height is something I don't particularly like. It may end the need to scroll, however most apps are not prepared to render their active frame in half height, the end result being a frame that is literally cut down to a useless size showing as good as no information any more.
    I personally would prefer to scroll the active frames and see them all in full glory. Which leads to the next doubt: why are active frames limited to a maximum of 8 at all? I mean, the Passport has an overly capable CPU and could certainly handle almost any number of open apps. Eight really appears to be much too far to the low side. Opening a 9th app will silently close one of the others which bears quite some potential of loss, e.g. if you leave an app with a lot of written text in it to pick up later, the last thing you want is that app randomly closed just because the OS DELIBERATELY does not support more than eight at a time! Come on BlackBerry, we all know you can do better.
    By the way, the Z10 may also have this limit but I never actually "felt" it. It is clearer now that I found the Passport does not support scrolling on the active frames page. My expectation for this high-end phone was that there would be no such limitations at all.
    So the big questions are:

    * is there a way to enable scrolling the active frames on the passport, just like on any other BB10 device, and stop that half-sized display of any app beyond the 6th?
    * can the total number of active frames be extended?

    I looked at every option (I think) and found nothing to influence the active frame page behavior, a dedicated configuration page would be really desirable in my opinion. There must be a huge repository of internal settings in BB10, alas I don't know how to access them.
    The way it stands, the Passport leaves a slightly crippled impression even though I am a big fan of BlackBerry in general, and BB10 in particular, and also of the Passport because it stands out so much from any other cellular. Please show me how to overcome these limits, I am sure that also a lot of others would be grateful for a solution here.


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    05-19-15 01:29 AM
  2. paulwallace1234's Avatar
    No and No, I'm Afraid.
    05-19-15 01:46 AM

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