1. amanoux's Avatar
    Just purchased a Blackberry Passport and installed the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client so that I can access my enterprise network enviroment. Is there a way to natively access enterprise Windows network file shares while VPN'd in? I looked into the "Blackberry Work Drives" app, but that requires BES 10 which I haven't migrated to yet. I believe in the previous versions, you could access network share via File Manager, but that's not currently available on the Passport, correct? I saw some posts saying you could do it using Blackberry Link, but I'd rather not go that route.
    03-23-15 05:32 PM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    Cisco AnyConnect is available on BBW now, since 16 April, it is a port I believe ..
    04-30-15 01:08 PM

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