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    Hi guys !

    I've owned them all (BB10 devices) and my latest daily driver is a Passport "Black on Black".
    So, for those of you who question the upgrade, here are my feelings after five days of real life usage, for what it worth.

    1. OS
    I presume most of you are under 10.3.2, either from your carrier or thanks to Sachesi or leaks. For the others, let's just say 10.3.2 on Passport SE is just pure sweetness, out of the box. It's a test device, so no tricks here.

    2. Device look
    Well, that's taste and colors !
    I for one feel this device more "masculine". The silver tone is a great "fits all" one and while I believe my "all black" was the outermost "chic", I found it elegant and modern. The fretless sentiment is also something I appreciate; visually, maybe I'd have liked more "floating" keys, like on the Q5 where there's also vertical spacing between the keys though.
    I love the rounded corners, not to mention the metallic frame around the device.
    The dotted speakers (top front, bottom middle) spread some "oldies but goodies" 70's spirit; I've been there and that's sweet to my eyes.
    On the back, the new rounded camera cover is great and separate flash at the top gives efficiency sentiment (from my experience, on other Passport, if the shared cover appears to be greasy, the flash light may blur occasionally the picture).
    The build quality reminds me some Porsche Design devices I've held (not long enough !) in my hands. Feels solid and durable.
    Overall, I did have the wow effect when I unboxed the device. Instantly: happy camper.

    3. Size/weight
    It's slightly bigger and thick. Weight (no balance here!) is really similar to other Passports.

    4. Keyboard
    I mentioned the "fretless sentiment" above. It's a mix of reality and feeling. It translates in reality with the keys popping up slightly more than my other Passports. And that's a gain ! I'm not sure whether this is related (probably) but typing on this keyboard is darn sweet with a slightly higher "click sound" level.
    I for one preferred the Q5 KB over the Q10 one. If you felt the same, there's no question you'll find immediately your fingers literally flying on the SE.
    Shall there be one point alone, this is it. My best PKB experience, ever (incl 9900).

    5. Sound
    For voice calls (handed) I suspect a better overall quality, either for listening and microphone. I'm no lab, can't really measure, say it's on par or better than other Passports. For hand free, I really felt a difference in the good direction. Don't ask me, same applies, I have no metrics to share.
    For music, my sentiment is that (probably due to extra thickness and metal frame) there's more depth, say more bass to be simple. Implies somehow the feeling that the sound is louder ... again no tools to back this.

    6. Camera
    Flash separation excepted, I've not noticed a spectacular change her, but have to say I took only a few pics.

    Bottom line :
    As an upgrade from competitors or previous BB10 devices : it's a buy. Any day.
    As an upgrade if you own a Passport and can afford it : you'll be happy with that. If you keep the original, both combined only worth the price of a single IP6+ ...

    I want mine. ASAP.
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    09-05-15 12:28 PM
  2. jamesharmeling's Avatar
    I've never owned any other smartphone besides BlackBerry and I've owned quite a few. I'm loving this SE Passport, but would like to see a blend of a Passport and Classic.

    BlackBerryaholic by choice.
    09-05-15 12:57 PM

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