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    I'm currently on 2813. With the whole Runtime issue resolved, any benefit to upgrading my unlocked SE?

    Posted via CB10
    03-24-16 03:06 PM
  2. Doggerz's Avatar
    Don't leave 2813. The issue isn't resolved and you still have to jump through hoops to have that slightly higher number on your phone.

    2813 is the last version where WiFi calling still works on T-mobile too. Even if you're using another carrier there is no upside to going to 2876. Only misery.

    My suggestion would be to wait for 10.3.3 and then wait to see what reports you hear about it. I'm not entirely sure they'll fix things with that version either. It's almost like they want the bugs in 2876 to exist on purpose or they'd have pulled the update back in December.

    Chen promised 10.3.3 in March. So he has a few more days. Looks like the update is coming soon so I'd just wait. And then stay with 2813 until it's clear that this update is free of Chen's little games.

    Z5 - E6853 / Android 6.0 / T-Mobile USA
    03-24-16 04:13 PM

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