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    I updated to the latest OS when it arrived last week from BlackBerry. I have an unlocked Passport from Shopblackberry that I purchased in October.

    Wasn't receiving very good life with the battery after the update but I figured it needed time to settle, so I didn't really dive into the issue. I started to realize there was an issue when I needed to use Maps to get myself to a new hotel while traveling and it wouldn't open! Passport had no memory left! I looked and there was less 10% of the 3gigs available with NO APPS running.

    So.......to make a long story short......OS 2576 is not able to contain Android apps. They are running in the background when you reboot the phone and after use them and close them. Even if you go into device settings and deny them from "running when minimized" it doesn't matter....if they are on the phone, they are running in the background. As a result, they KILL the battery FAST!

    To remedy this, I downloaded from Snap the Smart Task Manager. Upon opening the app it showed me that nearly every Android app installed on my phone was active in some fashion. This manager can force the app to close. Takes a bit to figure it out, but it works....I am sure there are other apps that will do the same.....

    Last night - left my Passport off the charger. Went to bed with 37% battery - woke up with 34%.

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    03-22-15 07:50 AM
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    Anyone else try this yet? Still good OP?

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    03-22-15 09:06 PM

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