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    Which I am now trying to write on, and by "trying" I really mean it.

    It took about 4 days to adjust to the Passport keyboard, and then some using its gestures etc.

    But having used the Passport day to day for running my business, I thought "what the hell, let's see what I may miss about the Q10"

    Don't get me wrong, jumping from the Bold to a Q10 was amazing...a leap if you will.

    But after my time with the Passport it's a whole different world writing this on the Q10!

    Physically the Q10 is a beautiful pebble-like device, it rocks.

    However, man does the screen and keyboard seem tiny now... I got a lot of work done on the Q10, but the Passport pretty much replaces my laptop.

    Passport takes my mobile working to the next level.

    I know reviewers moan about the hardware keyboard/software keyboard split, but after a little adjustment it's far superior.

    Last three points: a) antenna reception is incredible. B) web apps run like a dream (hi harvest/highrise users!). C) call quality, whether it's mobile or skype is exceptional.

    Oh and I didn't think a phone could be more solid in the hand than the Q10... Passport blows it out of the water!

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    10-30-14 11:07 PM
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    P.s. Using the Passport in London can be an odd experience... a fellow pub friend was hunting to try one out as his Galaxy didn't fit the bill since his BBOS7 Bold... he's now ordered a Passport.

    A fellow start-up geek in my building had a play about, he loved the keyboard/touchpad... I showed him Amazon App store compatibility and *bang* he's ditching his Galaxy for a Passport next week...

    Finally a guy came up to me in the pub tonight and said "oh, is that the new blackberry?" handed it over so he could muck around with it... "I so hope this saves them, it's awesome".

    Randome, yet awesome. Bravo Blackberry!

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    10-30-14 11:29 PM
  3. SneakySnufflez's Avatar
    Love your post. Really positive about the passport. Just as it deserves.

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    10-30-14 11:46 PM
  4. IrwanAriWibowo's Avatar
    Cant wait untill Nov 12th to grab my own Passport!

    Drooling for BlackBerry Passport!
    10-31-14 12:10 AM
  5. kingstrawberry's Avatar
    Booted up my z10 today after more than a week with the Passport and what a shock ! The Passport just put you in another realm in experiencing BB 10.3 . What was once considered flagship(Z10) suddenly looked obsolete and midget !

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    11-01-14 06:21 PM
  6. Coraya's Avatar
    I'm starting to love these trick titles. Lead us into your post by saying you're buying or going back to your old device only to say you the passport! People really seem to be enjoying their passports and that's a great thing to see here on crackberry. It was the exact opposite with the Q10 when it was released.

    Hope you continue to enjoy your passport and like I say in all my posts now.....cant wait till my passport arrives!

    Posted via CB Q10 or 9000
    11-01-14 07:56 PM

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