1. simon williams4's Avatar
    It will be two weeks this Sunday since my brand new Black Passport arrived

    My thoughts

    It is shown be so much better than I thought, emails just flow using the Keyboard, call quality is excellent, love the phone speakers..

    Even the work rounds seen way easier, no Google Play

    But added apps via APKS, Yalp and Amazon..runs better now it's on than I thought, no lag, no rebooting

    Even added Whats App, straight from browser, no issue at all, works just fine

    Any down sides....you get great tips and help from the forums on here, I had never even heard of Yalp before reading about it here and it's so easy ...without the forum would never have got this phone working this well..thank you


    Some people, knock the Phone whenever they get the chance..door stop, paperweight Art deco to name just a few

    Are they trying to get the remaining people to move to Blackberry Android.....if so, my advice after owning the Priv and Keyone is don't

    Yes the Keyone is the best Android PKB but it's not either the best Android or the best PKB phone

    Wait until a device is made with Passport style PKB on a Google XL2 size phone, then maybe..currently they are just not good enough.

    Passport users like big phones, maybe we can't get this shape, but the same overall footprint is possible

    Until then I will use the best PKB..the Passport

    Backed up with a Google Pixel XL2... the best of both worlds...

    So glad I came back....

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    01-19-18 12:10 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    If it works for you - no reason not to stick with it.

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    01-19-18 12:44 PM
  3. wingnut666's Avatar
    yep, it is the greatest mobile device there is. the powers that be at this forum are paid to push google's products. ignore them.

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    01-19-18 01:03 PM
  4. falbo's Avatar
    It's great to still use a real blackberry phone.

    Posted via CB10
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    01-19-18 01:04 PM

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