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    1. Is it possible to get push notifications of the biggest stories out of the WSJ and NYT apps?
    When I had the iPhone, I'd get the biggest stories automatically on my lock screen. No sounds, vibration, or anything just screen would light up for a moment with the headline and that's all.

    I see NYT has the Push notification option in setting, which I have enabled, but I don't get anything. I don't see anything in the WSJ (which is most important to me)

    2 quick questions, Passport functionality-nytimes-boston-bombing-phone-display-full.jpg

    2. When you're typing, and you swipe down on the physical keyboard, is there a way to do this so the virtual keyboard doesn't disappear after one keystroke? I understand you can click the @123 on the bottom right of the screen, but when you do that, you don't get ability to use the physical keyboard to correspond with the virtual keyboard like you do when you swipe down. I'd rather use the physical keyboard over the virtual keyboard when possible.

    2 quick questions, Passport functionality-img_20141117_202244.jpg
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    11-17-14 09:50 PM
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    The NYT app will push notifications. Go into the settings in the app itself and you can adjust update frequency and whether or not it pushes to the hub and lock screen.

    As for the virtual keyboard, if you want it for more than a single keystroke, then use the symbol key ("@123") at the far right of the virtual row.
    11-17-14 09:56 PM
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    Hold @123 will mapped the vkb to pkb

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    11-17-14 10:07 PM
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    Hold @123 will mapped the vkb to pkb

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    Thank you!

    Now if I can only figure out how to get the push notifications working on the NYT app
    I have it enabled, but I dont receive anything
    11-17-14 10:25 PM
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    You may also need to turn on notifications in the Hub

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    11-19-14 02:11 AM

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