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    I got this working It gives you 10% off Blackberry Passport Silver Edition.
    Attached Thumbnails 10% off Blackberry Passport Silver Edition--PROOF-screen-shot-2015-09-01-12.27.46-pm.png  
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    09-01-15 01:39 PM
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    09-01-15 01:48 PM
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    That's awesome, i picked mine up last week and no codes worked :/

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    09-01-15 03:27 PM
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    HI there. Another code for any colour of Passport (including shiny new Silver Edition) is nn64xziey
    Same thing - 10% off any of the European or North American ShopBlackBerry.com sites .

    These phones are SIM free (unlocked on any network). I think only our American friends would need to check for the Verizon or Sprint specs. My own (red) passport seems to happily roam on AT&T south of the border and on Vodafone when I'm in the UK.

    Happy shopping!
    09-01-15 03:37 PM

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