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    I have a Att passport and BlackBerry link has a update to from But when I look from phone it does not have a update. So does link think my phone is unlocked. I never had leak update on this phone thanks for the help on Att passport-linkupdate.png

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    07-14-15 08:39 PM
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    Well, I doubt it thinks its unlocked but the way updates are rolled out these days is even sketchier than before lol. There's unlocked devices for Amazon, ShopBB and then there's carrier devices, which all run on their own schedule. It's pretty much messed up. PS: I got the same update just now but it's been available forever for download for others carriers - http://forums.crackberry.com/bb10-le...links-1027473/ on Att passport-screenshot-2015-07-14-18.53.48.png
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    07-14-15 08:52 PM
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    Ok I will backup and install I haven't had any problems with the os I'm on that's why I asked.

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    07-14-15 08:55 PM

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