1. leszek25's Avatar
    Hi friends, i just bought one Passport, i really like it, this is the one with and i wonder whether i should really think about upgrade, for 10.3.3 i dont want, although some suggest it will be still working smoothly
    i was only thinking about one of 10.3.2 versions
    (but i am aware that later donwgrade is not possible, so prefer to ask here)
    which one do you suggest as a stable one?
    and maybe there is no need for me if for me the important things are:
    - still have facebook without obligatory messenger (in 10.3.1 i have like this and i am happy)
    - have good google maps access (i didnt find so far the right solution in 10.3.1 but i think it exists)
    - have this desktop mode in browser
    - have no problems with internet searching (i saw in 10.3.1 some pages i couldnt open as safe according to blackberry although they were safe, what i know for sure)
    - have possibility to pay for some apps in bb world (on 10.3.1 there was a problem with credit card, i hope i will manage with paypal soon - but as i read it was common for other versions too)
    - have maybe another calendar (the one from blackberry has to many options for my needs, i prefer more simple one like from old nokia e51 on symbian, but i think here there is no difference between 10.3.1 and 10.3.2)
    - have possibility to cancel all contacts in one operation (in 10.3.1 it was impossible)
    At the moment these things seems to be most important for me, i dont care so much about camera improvements, cause i have advanced DSLR
    so please tell me, what should i do in your opinion? upgrade, or stay where i am? and maybe you now the link to the page where it is written with details about differences between 10.3.1 and 10.3.2.
    and maybe the last question, if for example i stay with 10.3.1 and will be configuring the phone for my needs, and after half year i decide to upgrade and i will do the copy by BB LINK so after installing new software will i establish through this copy everything i have changed and configured on my 10.3.1? (i mean starting from groups of contacts and emails configuration and finishing on ringtones, bookmarks, changed menu screen etc).
    i hope there is someone who can help with some suggestions or good words. all the best for you in New Year 2018, greet you from southern Poland, Leszek
    01-01-18 04:02 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    It's going to be hard for the majority of those that made that move..... two years ago, to really remember.

    Me I'd go ahead and upgrade to 10.3.3... but it is a one way trip. You really should read up on Autoloaders and forget about relying on LINK for ANYTHING. OS upgrades, Syncing or Backups...
    01-02-18 07:06 AM
  3. leszek25's Avatar
    Thanks for first answer, i promise to know more about autloaders, i didnt know that i could prepare a copy of phone's content, will read about it
    01-02-18 09:29 AM

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