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    A week ago my Porche 9982's battery would rapidly discharge to empty within about 3 hours! I searched and tried all methods others have used here on Crackberry and none worked. That means checking which app was (?) the culprit, factory reset, reload program. None worked for me. So I started to think more.
    I felt that maybe a "bit" somewhere deep in the bowels of the kernel or operating os was stuck either hi or low. I then used the "triple wipe program" to completely wipe my 9982. This program wipes three times. After the wipe I then reloaded the program using one of those .exe apps. After booting up I manually re-installed my programs and hoped for the best. It worked! It has been three days and the battery holds up for the whole day now. That "Triple Wipe" program is in Crackberry. Any BB10 device will be able to use that program along with the OS loader apps to go deep into the bowels of the device to , hopefully, unstick any stuck bit in gaga land in the device. Hope this helps someone with the same problem.
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    11-30-19 06:33 AM

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