1. tiojung's Avatar
    Just had my new 9981 for about week so far.

    I'm waiting for the firmware that contains asian language (with Chinese,Japanese or Korean input).

    Anyone knows how to install those on the multi language firmware?

    Hope the firmware would be available soon..
    02-02-12 11:33 AM
  2. BaranE's Avatar
    Did you try the only available firmware(ie. Official OS for BlackBerry Bold 9981). I reloaded it to remove the unnecessary extras(eg. other languages) and I definitely remember East Asian Language support checkbox in the apploader. Try reloading through the apploader.
    02-02-12 01:39 PM
  3. mogz's Avatar
    I can confirm that there are Asian Languages support in that firmware.
    02-02-12 06:51 PM
  4. tiojung's Avatar
    BaranE & mogz:

    The OP is asking about Asian language input.

    The only currently available release is an "M" (Multilangauge) variant, which means it doesn't include CJK input support - as the OP is already aware.

    For Chinese and Korean input support, one of the following variants is required: "AllLang", "jAllLang", "Asia", or "jAsia".
    For Japanese input support, it must be either "jAllLang" or "jAsia".

    While you can grab the necessary cod files from an AllLang/jAllLang/Asia/jAsia 9900 release, you will still need a radio file (sfi) from an AllLang/jAllLang/Asia/jAsia 9981 release.

    Thus, you will have to wait for a non-"M" language variant OS, assuming a carrier ever releases one for this device. If/when that day comes, it is a matter of a standard OS install via Desktop Manager (or Desktop Software... whatever RIM's calling it nowadays).
    That's what I was expecting.
    Thanks a lot. I need to wait for the firmware to be released with Asian language input then.
    Any idea of expected date of releasing these firmwares?
    02-03-12 07:55 PM