1. Goldthorn's Avatar
    If I'm not mistaken Tyler Perry's character used a BlackBerry Porsche P'9981 in the movie Gone Girl, he was Ben Affleck's lawyer.

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    11-18-14 05:29 PM
  2. Thunderbuck's Avatar
    Yup, I noticed that too.

    Didn't mind the movie; found it interesting that a lot of significant dramatic roles were cast with actors known for comedy (Tyler Perry being one of them). I love David Fincher as a director, but I thought this one was maybe about a half hour too long, too.
    11-18-14 05:44 PM
  3. atgtoan's Avatar
    Yes I saw it too, it was also the final factor for me to buy this phone. I had been considering between it and the Z30 for a while, but then I decided to go for it, Z30 can wait.
    01-15-15 12:34 AM
  4. chris8189's Avatar
    Yes, it certainly is a P'9981 that is used in Gone Girl. He rocks the phone well, too.

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    02-07-15 02:41 PM
  5. danny densing's Avatar
    Looks like the Porsche
    P'9981 Used On 'Gone Girl'-img_20151215_163024.jpg

    Posted via CB10
    12-15-15 02:30 AM

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