1. Konkart's Avatar
    Hello there.

    I just sold my mint Passport for the love of my life 9981
    I know i went years back, but in my country (Greece) no one had ever had this phone, so i wanted to test it a bit.
    I bought it used with some scratches on bezel and with a not good back leather battery cover.
    Im planning to buy a whole assempbly from etradesupply to make it as new.
    My question is: Is there any silicone / tpu case for the 9981?
    I dont want to use these crap pouch style that leave the whole phone exposed to scratches..
    I had also the 9982 but i only managed to 3d print a case as there were hard to find either.
    Are they any s - line style / tpu cases anywhere or something similar?
    05-15-16 05:50 PM
  2. Lee Sykes's Avatar
    Use the pouch designed for the 9900, fits perfectand cheap

    Or a genuine pd case on ebay around 199

    Posted via CB10
    05-17-16 05:49 AM
  3. Konkart's Avatar
    I dont want to use these pouch style cases.
    I dont want to touch the phone with bare hands while using it.
    So im looking for some silicone type cases like the s line ones sold on ebay for other popular phones.
    Foun this:


    But nothing on ebay or Europe.
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    05-17-16 05:40 PM

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