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    Just purchased a used P'9981 (build date 02/13) which I believe is an updated version as it does not appear to have some of the issues that the original P'9981 had regarding the back cover, keypad, and keyboard lighting. My question is I know the number of the P'9981 Black edition was limited to 1500 and the Gold Edition was 25. Does anyone know if there was a limit put on the Dark Platinum edition, and is the Silver and the Dark Platinum the same color? Came from a 9900 and still believe its the best BlackBerry ever made, but it can't compare to the WOW factor of the P'9981 :-)
    07-05-15 05:22 PM
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    20 P'9981's were made during the second age of BlackBerry 10.

    "Three phones for the CB Mods, to share on the site,
    Seven for the bloggers, hiding behind their Apples,
    Nine for average men, doomed to purchase,
    One for Chen, on his dark throne, destined to run Android"

    "In the Land of BlackBerry where Enterprise users lie.
    One Phone to rule them all, One Phone with Protect to find them,
    One Phone to bring them all and with its swipes, bind them
    In the Land of BlackBerry where Enterprise users lie."

    Total: Twenty known units but they have not yet been all accounted for.

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    07-05-15 05:59 PM

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