1. frqs's Avatar
    I am trying to enable wi-fi calling on BB Porsche Design P'9981 with TMobile following
    forums (dot) crackberry (dot) com/blackberry-torch-9800-f209/guide-enable-uma-unlocked-9800-t-mobile-513720-print/
    I have a problem with this step
    v. Press the BlackBerry menu button and select <UMA Options>

    I accessed the P'9981 engineering screens, then chose:
    3GPP Radio Engineering Screens
    Session Manager (which is *Empty*, as expected)
    I press the Menu button but there is no "UMA Options". The only choices I have are:
    New Ping Session
    New UDP Blaster Session
    New TraceRoute Session

    I compared with the BB Curve 9300 from TMobile I own and "UMA Options" submenu shows up in Menu button for Session Manager screen
    I called TMobile USA and they confirmed:
    a) BB Curve 9300 is enabled for wi-fi calling (I know that because I have one)
    b) BB Bold 9900 is **also enabled** for wif-fi calling, so it should be able to be configured for wi-fi calling

    The P'9981 is based on Bold 9900, consequently I thought, the "UMA Options" submenu should be present.
    I confirmed with TMobile that any BB phone that is wi-fi enabled should be able to access the TMobile network by creating a profile in "UMA Options". So it's possible! And these nice web pages confirmed that fact -- ANY they said!
    That should apply to my P'9981 too, no? It's a fake Bold 9900 who TMobile confirmed does wi-fi calling.
    www (dot) berryreporter (dot) com/use-any-wifi-uma-enabled-blackberry-on-t-mobile/
    www (dot) berryreview (dot) com/forums/topic/guide-on-how-to-enable-uma-for-t-mobile-on-the-torch-9800/
    www (dot) blackberryrocks (dot) com/2009/01/26/uma-enabled-blackberry-t-mobile/

    So, due diligence done... this phone P'9981 should be able to be enabled for wi-fi calling.

    OK, so why do I not have "UMA Options" submenu showing when I hit Session Manager "Menu" button?
    I thought it might be my BB OS 7.1 that was too old (I had so on to upgrading the BB OS.
    I upgraded to following:
    forums (dot) crackberry (dot) com/blackberry-p9981-f255/new-official-9981-os-7-1-0-1033-smartone-hk-839982/

    All good.
    My new BB OS shows, so I go back to the Engineering screens/.../Session Manager and...
    STILL no "UMA Options" submenu when I hit Menu button!

    There has to be a flag somewhere to let that submenu "UMA Options" show up.. somewhere...
    Any ideas?
    09-30-14 12:33 PM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    bumping for you to get some help...
    10-07-14 12:45 PM
  3. Kenneth Baker Intl's Avatar
    Sounds like the same issue I'm having with my new Leap.
    I got the escreens open but can't figure out what to do next.

    I hope someone can figure out both of these for us.
    08-21-15 04:00 AM

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